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Star Wars
As Darth Vader hunts for the last Jedi, he searches for meaning through delving into ancient Sith lore and training a secret apprentice; acts which will put him in conflict with his Master.

A Jedi Master and her Padawan engage in a running battle with stormtroopers through a spaceship junkyard. Stormtroopers, deathtroopers and Inquisitors all prove incapable of catching them. Just before they escape, Darth Vader appears, killing the Padawan and capturing the Master.

Ben Kenobi is living as a recluse in the Tatooine desert, going slowly mad as he talks to ghosts from his past, including Qui-Gon Jinn, who has returned with a plan to fracture the relationship between Vader and the Emperor using the knowledge that Vader’s son lives.

But Ben is unconvinced. After so many years alone, he doesn’t even believe in his own mission anymore. He believes that a young boy will never be able to beat Vader and the Emperor where he and Yoda failed… Nevertheless, he is committed, intending on sticking to his mission, denying help to his old Master… But Qui-Gon does not want help - he merely wants Ben to be ready in case Vader comes for Luke. Ben realizes Qui-Gon is using Luke as bait...

Back on Mustafar, Darth Vader trains a secret Apprentice. Elaze is a young woman who rails against the fact that she is trapped in Vader’s castle, hidden away from the Emperor for her own protection. As part of Elaze’s training, Vader takes her to a secret Sith cave beneath his castle. There, he instructs her to extract knowledge from the captured Jedi.

From torturing the Jedi, Elaze learns of Qui-Gon’s prophecy concerning a child who will end the Sith. Vader orders Elaze to kill the Jedi. Despite feeling conflicted, she does so. Vader then absorbs the Jedi’s Force Ghost.

The prophecy is enough to make Vader disobey his Master’s order to return to Coruscant. The Emperor believes no child could be a threat, but Vader insists that a Jedi Master must therefore live in order to train the child. The Emperor becomes angry, revealing that he knows of Vader’s apprentice. Vader too becomes angry, realizing he has a spy.

Recalling his fleet, Vader and Elaze set out to hunt Jedi - and Force-sensitive children. As they depart from Mustafar, Vader orders the destruction of the Sith cave, the spying Sith ghosts within... and his own home.

Inquisitors locate a Force-sensitive child - but Vader quickly realises the boy is not his and orders Elaze to kill him. She hesitates - so Vader draws his lightsaber and strikes the boy down. He tells her that this is what it takes to become a Sith, warning her not to hesitate again.

Vader’s shuttle lands next on Tatooine…

Distrusting Ben Kenobi, Owen Lars ignores an agreement to send the boy to Kenobi should Vader come. Instead, Lars sends Luke to see his friend Biggs in Toshi Station.

Vader confronts Owen and Beru Lars, but they refuse to give the boy up. Vader hesitates… And Elaze steps up, sending out troops to scour the area.

Ben frantically searches for Luke as stormtroopers do the same… Nearby, a fight breaks out, as troopers unwittingly enter a deathstick lab…

In his palace, Jabba the Hut is awoken to be told that Imperial troops are ransacking his businesses. Furious, Jabba orders everyone in his court to attack.

Jabba’s ragtag fleet comes tearing in over Toshi Station, taking out Imperial ships.

The battle buys Ben Kenobi the time he needs to locate Luke. He finds the boy in a games arcade - but is trapped inside by stormtroopers. As Ben fights them off, Luke saves him using the Force unwittingly… Just as Ben is about to be overrun, he calls for help…

On a distant planet, a tiny figure enters a remote Imperial outpost - and draws a short, green lightsaber…

Back at the Lars home, Vader awaits news of Luke’s capture. There is a hint that perhaps he suspects the boy is his son… But Beru pleads with him, asking him what kind of life the boy would have, looking at Elaze and what becoming a Sith Apprentice has done to her… Vader seems conflicted…

But at the crucial moment, Vader receives a message that Yoda has been located. Vader uses the excuse to withdraw, saying that the child does not matter if they can destroy the Master. Beru mouths ‘thank-you’ to him as he departs.

The locals cheer Jabba’s ‘victory’. Jabba himself milks the praise.

Vader corners Yoda on a swampy planet. The Jedi Master is elderly now - he struggles to fight. The pair engage in a Force battle, resulting in an explosion which apparently vaporizes Yoda.

The Emperor hears of Yoda’s demise - and is concerned by the power of his pupil and his recent disobedience. He again orders Vader to return to Coruscant.

Vader’s First Fleet arrives above Coruscant - and is met by three other Imperial Fleets. Moff Tarkin appears in a tug-ship, towing a Death Star reactor, which destroys Vader’s flagship… But Vader is not on board. Vader orders his Commodore to engage the Emperor’s ships. Despite his misgivings, the Commodore is loyal to Vader and an almighty space battle ensues.

Vader and Elaze head for the surface in Vader’s ship, fighting their way through waves of TIE fighters. They crash through the Emperor’s tower, battle through Imperial guards and other Force-sensitives, finally reaching the Emperor in his chamber.

The Emperor then claims that one last obstacle stands between himself and Vader - Elaze. The Emperor reveals Elaze’s history. In his cave on Mustafar, Vader tortured Elaze’s Jedi mother, murdered her and absorbed her Force ghost, denying her eternity. Elaze, feeling betrayed, is manipulated into stabbing Darth Vader. The Emperor prepares to kill Elaze…

But Vader clambers back to his feet, evades the Emperor’s Force lightning and pins him to the wall. The Emperor demands he be killed, as is the Sith way, but Vader refuses. He tells the Emperor that he rules because Vader himself allows it. Vader then releases him and departs.

Amidst the ruins of the castle on Mustafar, Elaze offers Vader a form of forgiveness, saying that she knows what he did, but also knows that he was looking out for her, in his own way. She says she will head out into the galaxy to find herself. Vader tells her that the Emperor will always be hunting her. She asks if Vader will hunt her… He says no. Elaze leaves him alone.

Qui-Gon and Ben Kenobi discuss the failure of Qui-Gon’s plan as Yoda builds a new home on Degobah. Yoda says there is no hope now... But, to his surprise, Ben confesses that he is starting to believe in the boy.

Submitted: December 16, 2017
Last Updated: December 22, 2017

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The Writer: Matthew Woollard

Matt lives in England with his wife and two sons. He has a PhD from Royal Holloway University of London. In 2015 he co-founded an online business consultancy with his wife, which he runs while pursuing his dream of writing. His literary influences include Philip K. Dick, Robert A. Heinlein and Frank Herbert, but also non-Sci-Fi writers such as Patrick O’Brian. In terms of film and TV, he’s a huge fan of Star Trek, Star Wars, Alien, Blade Runner and Red Dwarf. Generally his interest is in watching, reading and creating mainstream, popular, intelligent science fiction. ------ Check out my website for more of my writing, including my debut novel and several short stories: Go to bio