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Virus K: Outbreak



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Virus K book by Michael S. Freeman
What if the end of the world came to us through our children? What if the Virus spread through those we trust with our lives the most?

Virus K opens with a couple driving through the desert in New Mexico circa 1948. An alien craft lights the sky, taking out the truck, embedding itself into a dune. The military shows up, takes the craft and the occupant, killing the couple.
Present day. The alien needs to be moved from Roswell to a secret location off the Florida coast, but the alien is not secured properly, allowing it to escape and crash the plane. It assumes the identity of the CDC director, Samantha, a lead tech of child inoculations.
The alien gene is injected into a flu serum and the outbreak is underway.

Submitted: January 14, 2018
Last Updated: January 14, 2018

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I hope this finds you well. I am a published writer in the genres of Horror, Thriller, Drama, and Psychological. My directing/producing/writing credits include RIPPLE EFFECT, a drama short film, VOICEMAIL, a drama short film, TWISTED, a psychological thriller short film, and WHISPERS, a horror short film, all winning awards in various contests. Included with the above listed films, I have won two screenwriting awards for VIRUS K: OUTBREAK as the top to read in 2017 Horror Fest, and Honorable Mention for same title at the Sacramento Screenplay Festival 2017. Go to bio
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