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After a suicide hotline volunteer discovers her actions might have led to the death of a caller, she becomes pathologically selfless to alleviate the guilt, but her efforts soon lead to disastrous results for all.



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A finalist in Screencraft's Writing Fellowship
Shortlist (top 10) Black List Feature Lab 2018
Shortlist (top 10) Black List/Cassian Elwes Sundance Fellowship 2019

Excerpt from a sample of coverage (an 8 rating) from Black List, available for review on request. I'm posting it because it's one of the nicest things anybody has ever said about my written work and gives you a sense of what the film is about from somebody other than me:

"This is a beautiful, tortured, torturous, darkly comic screenplay that is truly unforgettable. The writer's voice is unique and there are scenes here, a particular one involving a seven year old boy named Trevor, that are instant classics. The script puts Allie, the protagonist, in many deeply absurd but somehow realistic situations that are always uproariously hilarious. Nobody, except maybe Yorgos Lanthimos, makes movies in this comic wavelength and so the unique voice of the screenplay makes it stand out. The dialogue is incredibly strong and carries many long scenes where it's just two characters talking on phone. The character work could be a bit more clear and in depth (more on this below) but every single character has a distinct voice and sound frighteningly realistic even when they are being horrible people. Despite the script not really having a traditional plot and Allie being a passive character throughout, the script still manages to be a page turner because the audience really wants to know how long Allie can take the abuse life is throwing her way and still hold on to her principles."

Submitted: June 28, 2021
Last Updated: November 11, 2021

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The Writer: Jay Reid

Jay Reid is award-winning writer/director and freelance journalist whose films have played at Canadian, US and international festivals and have also been featured on short websites such as FilmShortage.com. Reid, an accomplished screenwriter, is the winner of SODEC’s Grand Prize for his short screenplay Phases of the Moon. As a result of his win, SODEC sent him to the 2016 Cannes Film Festival as part of SODEC Lab to attend the Producers Workshop. His feature script, Volunteer, a dark comedy/drama about suicide hotline volunteers, was shortlisted for The Black List Feature Lab 2018 and the Black List/Cassian Elwes Fellowship, and was a finalist in Screencraft’s Screenwriting Fellowship... Go to bio

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