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Waking Up In Kansas

When an unhappy trailer park mom with a cheating husband suffers a concussion, she wakes up “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” in Liberal, Kansas, but is it reality or all in her head?



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When Sunny James catches her philandering husband ‘doing’ a stripper, she flees the trailer park in the family’s rundown station wagon and winds up in car accident.

After climbing back up from a ravine, she is wandering aimlessly roadside, dirty and bloody. Then she finds a stray dog as a trucker named Billy Ray stops and gives Sunny a lift to Liberal, Kansas, where the annual Oztoberfest is in full swing.

Meanwhile, back in Needles, California, when Sunny’s car is discovered in the ravine, Bobby becomes a prime suspect in Sunny’s disappearance.

Now in Liberal, Kansas, Sunny goes by the name “Faith;” a name she picks after seeing a Faith Hill CD in Billy Ray’s truck. Sunny stumbles upon a low-budget production of The Wizard of Oz. Little people (munchkins) are alcoholics, Glinda is a chain-smoking stripper, and the director, Andy, is a flamboyant control freak.

When Sunny’s newly adopted dog, Tiger, disrupts a rehearsal, Andy goes to strike the dog, only Sunny strikes Andy first. Sunny later apologizes to Andy, who then not only makes her the costume designer for the show, but also makes her play Dorothy since the actress who played her abruptly quit.

For once in her life, Sunny is her own person, giving good advice to her newfound friends who are at a crossroads in their own lives. She is becoming the person she always thought she could be.

When Billy Ray returns to Liberal, he’s amazed at the progress Sunny has made. He expresses his feelings towards her, and it seems as though they are a match made in heaven!

Opening night of The Wizard of Oz is interrupted when a tornado siren is heard and everyone scrambles, except for Sunny, who has no knowledge of twisters. Against the strong winds, Sunny runs back to her motel room to save Tiger, but is swept up and knocked out cold.

What happens next changes Sunny's life forever...

Submitted: February 16, 2021
Last Updated: February 16, 2021

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The Writer: Tony Jerris

Tony is a graduate of The American Theatre of Actors & Writers in Manhattan, where his off-Broadway play TELL VERONICA! ran in NY. It later premiered in LA starring Charlene Tilton & Lin Shaye, receiving rave reviews in The LA Times . Tony’s other NY credits include The Hostesses , a Top 5 Finalist in the Samuel French One-Act Festival, which he adapted into a short film, earning him a spot in the Big Damn Film Festival. His musical, Gina’s Parole , based on his screenplay of the same name, showcased at the New York’s Dramatist’s Guild, ASCAP Musical Festival, before winning a spot in both The Peekaboo Festival at The Mark Goodson Theatre. Tony is also a self-published author of a... Go to bio
Manager: Ami Manning

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