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Welcome to Brightvale

The village of Brightvale is about to celebrate 100 years of peace, when one of the villagers is stabbed to death in broad daylight.



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Since he screwed up a big case by losing evidence, young detective Lewis Hornby is in charge of Scotland Yard’s endless paperwork. When the officer on-duty of the faraway village of Brightvale dies, Lewis gets ‘promoted’ to oversee the little place.

In Brightvale, the people have created an Utopia, and there has been no crime for nearly 100 years. They are preparing a big celebration, even with an expected royal visit. On the day the villagers say farewell to their old officer, one of its prominent members, Harlow Bannister, is stabbed to death on the village square.

Oliver Jones, a young police officer in training to be a detective, is in the village when the murder happens, and is given the dreadful task to stay and make sure Hornby doesn’t make another mess. While the village rocks on its foundations, the two men try to find a seemingly invisible murderer, who appears to be hiding in plain sight. As time presses on, Brightvale’s history starts to catch on, and the Utopian facade slowly crumbles away, revealing some horrible truths.

Submitted: December 17, 2019
Last Updated: June 23, 2020

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The Writer: Leonarda van der Ark

Leonarda van der Ark (1992) is a Dutch-born screenwriter living and working in The Hague. She has a bachelor in journalism and works as a bookseller. She started screenwriting a little over two years ago and has written two tv-series: WELCOME TO BRIGHTVALE and BURYING HENRY VIII. The latter made it to the second round at the Austin Film Festival screenwriting competition in 2019. At the moment she is working on her first feature film: LAYLA MONA LISA. Go to bio

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