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Myth and bullshit
Bonzai Pipeline Productions
When his older girlfriend dumps him in Paris, a young American drummer meets a beautiful therapist who takes him home to the family mansion... a mental facility with patients experiencing delusions of grandeur.

Jarrod (25) a handyman by day, drummer by night decides to take a month long vacation with his older German girlfriend Ivana, who invites him to the French countryside. But instead of sightseeing, Ivana has Jarrod fix the kitchen plumbing at the home she owns with her ex-husband. While at a dinner party with Ivana’s snooty friends, an irritated Jarrod takes a walk with one of her pretty friends named Esme. Upon their return to the house, Jarrod finds Ivana in bed having sex with an older man. When he blows his cork, Ivana calls Jarrod a bourgeois peasant and orders him to leave.

While walking on the highway towards Paris, Jarrod hitches a ride with a beautiful Parisian therapist named Veronique. During their drive, the outspoken Veronique provides her handsome passenger a theory on why his relationship with a mature woman failed. With an immediate attraction between Veronique and Jarrod, she offers to let the nearly broke American crash on her sofa. Jarrod quickly apprehends Veronique is rich when he sees her townhome. During a café lunch, Veronique offers to be Jarrod’s tour guide in Paris and takes him to Notre Dame, a nightclub where he sits in on drums and the Eiffel Tower for a nighttime view, where the smitten duo decide to make love back at Veronique’s flat. Later, that evening, Veronique has a horrible dream and Jarrod comforts her.

The following day, Veronique takes Jarrod to what’s supposed to be a family luncheon. With a bizarre cadre of characters suffering from delusions of grandeur, including a nymphomaniac, a holy man, a World War One Field Marshall and a split personality who ping pongs between Cardinal Richelieu and Napoleon, Jarrod learns that the mansion is actually a mental asylum run by Veronique’s stepfather the Marquis. While spending the night separated from Veronique, Jarrod is nearly sexually molested by the nympho. After being rescued by the Marquis, Jarrod learns that Veronique’s parents were drowned in a car accident and she was subsequently adopted by the Marquis. During their chat, Jarrod informs the Marquis Veronique had a bad dream about drowning the night before.

When Napoleon escapes asylum and attempts to grave rob the real Napoleon’s tomb, Jarrod, Veronique and Jeffrey the butler go to Paris to retrieve him back. On their way back to the sanitarium, a horrific storms triggers a trauma for Veronique, who nearly jumps off the Pont Neuf bridge, until she is saved by Jarrod and Jeffrey. While waiting at an airport terminal to go to Los Angeles, Veronique informs Ivana Jarrod’s no longer available when she calls to ask him to come back to her home in the French countryside.

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Here's what Slamdance Film Festival had to say about Welcome To The Madhouse:

"Offers some charming romance and genuine laughs, and the dialogue is well-crafted throughout. The different settings used in the script are diverse and visually stunning, pleasing the Francophile in us all."

Submitted: August 3, 2016
Last Updated: September 6, 2016

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The Writer: Phillip Hardy

Phillip E. Hardy is creative maverick, who can craft compelling stories in every genre. He is a ten time optioned screenwriter, who is currently having four projects shopped by producers including Shaun O’Banion, Richard Clark Jr, Sean Hoessli and has signed a shopping agreement with de Passe Jones Entertainment. His work has been in front of Tyler Perry Studios, Paramount Studios, Ridley Scott, Martin Scorsese, William Morris Endeavor and many others. He has placed and won over a hundred film festivals and contests including Page International, Austin Film Festival, Cannes Screenplay, Shore Scripts, Screencraft, Beverly Hills Film Festival and Harlem International Film Festival. Phillip... Go to bio

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