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Wild Goose Chase

When a young snow goose raised by Canada geese discovers he is adopted, he leads his flock on a perilous adventure in search of his birth family to understand where he came from.



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Inspired by a documented sighting of Canada geese migrating with a lone snow goose, WILD GOOSE CHASE imagines how the phenomenon transpired and explores the potential family dynamics during their journey.

Wild Goose Chase begins at the snow goose tundra breeding grounds in early spring. A spirited two-day old gosling dashes off from his flock. As a storm rolls in, he gets confused and nearly trampled. His mother gives chase but is unable to catch him before the wind spirals him up and away.

Hundreds of miles away on a small idyllic alpaca farm, first-time Canada geese parents, LIAM and COLLETTE wait for their three eggs to hatch. As a storm pelts them, Liam spies a white blob fall into the pond. He rescues the drowning gosling and adds him to the nest. IAN MCKENZIE sprints over from the farmhouse to take pictures for his blog and name the new goslings FINN, BRODIE, ANGUS, and BRIGITTE. Near the end of summer, the flock train for the southern migration. TINKER, the rescue squirrel, lets it slip that Finn is adopted. As Finn struggles with the news, severe weather prompts him to recall the day of his arrival during a similar storm. When Liam and Collette reveal the truth, Finn worries his real family is searching for him and expresses a desire to find other snow geese.

Joined by UNCLE SEBASTIAN the flock departs for the south and soon encounters danger. While on point of the V formation, Finn spies snow geese in the distance and veers his flock off course into the path of an airplane. They are shaken, but all survive. As they continue, the arrival of snow geese in a Pennsylvania field enables Finn to mingle with his kind for the first time. The snow geese ignore him - all except SONIA, who befriends Finn, but her father GUNNAR disregards him. Back in the air and anticipating a field of yummy sweet corn, Liam leads the flock out of dense fog through a scary construction site and into a ginormous Amazon-like warehouse. The flock dodge workers, shelving, and package drones, and must defeat a fleet of security drones to escape unscathed.

While the geese are migrating, videos of Finn and the Canada geese go viral, attracting attention from the news, hunters, and park ranger ANNA EAGLEHEART. Anna follows Ian’s blog and decides to track Finn and the geese for further study. Two hunters, however, eye Finn as a prize.

The weary flock arrives at their North Carolina pond and Finn recruits three southern seagulls, SHELBY, CRICKET and MAYNARD to guide him to Big Lake where the snow geese stay. His siblings insist on going with him and they all take off at dawn. Liam and Collette ask the heron GENERAL to help find their children. After Brodie is shot by hunters and falls from the sky, the geese, heron, and gulls reunite but two hungry COYOTES sneak up on them. An angry Collette goes ninja on the coyotes, allowing her family to escape. Unbeknownst to them, Brodie is found barely alive by MABEL and her dog.

Anna phones Ian about Brodie and invites him to come help her find his flock, bonding over their love of geese. Finn reconnects with Sonia at Big Lake, but the mismatched flock is not welcome and ordered to leave. Finn pleads his case to Gunnar and inadvertently challenges Gunnar to a fly-off. He barely keeps up with Gunnar and during a deep dive maneuver is tempted to give up and sink down into the lake. Finn remembers being saved by Liam as a gosling and finds the renewed strength to shoot up out of the lake, do aerial flips, and land next to Gunnar with a flourish. Nudged by Sonia, Gunnar relents and announces Finn, his Canada geese family, and the seagulls can all stay at Big Lake with the snow geese.

Anna and Ian arrive at Big Lake and are united with the flock. Finn is so happy to see Ian, he doesn’t notice Collette speaking with a female snow goose. The goose recognized Finn's determination and birthmark during the fly-off and is sure he is her long-lost son. Collette guides her to Finn and they have a special moment, finally reconnecting. Behind Finn’s mother stand numerous siblings, cousins, uncles, and aunts. Finn is thrilled to see so many relatives, but he chooses to stay with his adoptive family. He invites his kin to visit Ian’s farm in the spring.

Mabel rides up on a motorcycle and Brodie pops out of the sidecar, his wing in a sling. The flock, Ian, and Anna are overjoyed Brodie is alive! The following summer Ian and Anna get married on the farm with the geese, farm animals and alpacas, as well as Sonia, Gunnar, Mabel, and Finn’s mother in attendance – one big happy family.

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Submitted: October 1, 2021
Last Updated: October 1, 2021

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The Writer: Audrey Hackett

Following an accomplished career as a photographer, photo editor, and marketer, Audrey Hackett has reinvented herself to pursue her passion. A lifelong movie and children’s book aficionado, Audrey’s true calling is writing content for a young audience. To acquire the education required by her dream job, she attended screenwriting seminars, studied the hero’s journey, and earned an MFA in Children’s Literature. She then elevated her writing skills by completing both a six-month and four-month screenwriting mentorship with a professional script consultant. Confirming her natural talent, Audrey’s first TV pilot, JUNIOR HIGH GENIE, placed as a semifinalist in the 2020 Creative Screenwriting... Go to bio

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