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Two brothers wanted in Georgia, hide from the law in an Ohio garage. Will a mysterious intruder be their salvation, or will he unravel the last thread of their lives on the run?



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When two brothers are accused of a hate crime in Georgia, they go on the run to a garage in Columbus, Ohio, where they work to keep cars running. One night while having trouble starting an old car, a Wildcat, they hear a ruckus outside. They find a black man running through their recyclables. The angrier brother, Charlie, beats up the intruder while his thoughtful brother, Grizz, gets the man inside so the neighbors don't hear him yelling.

While the brothers argue over what to do, the man, Tyrell, who seems to be a bit of an idiot savant, reveals that he can fix the Wildcat. Do they act on their serendipity and let the hands of fate fix the car, or do they fail and get found out?

Submitted: November 30, 2019
Last Updated: November 30, 2019

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The Writer: KC Allen

I started writing in college and loved it. I continued writing for broadcast in my 20 years of radio, both as a morning show host and creative commercial producer. When that career evolved into video production, my writing for business continued. I'm a published writer twice over, and now I write movies. My first produced screenplay won 5 awards, my second did well on the festival circuit winning 2 Best Of awards, one 1st Runner Up award and a Best Film nomination, my third garnered Best Of, 1st Runner up, Best Romantic Comedy and a bunch of nominations, and my 4th has won the top spot in three of four festivals (so far). I have seven features screenplays written, and am on track to making... Go to bio

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