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Incapable of loving her toddler, a Political Analyst presumed dead after spontaneously faking death on 9/11 flees and must elude pursuing cops and a loan shark threatening to reveal the betrayal to her mourning family.

I viewed a documentary about Stephen Sondheim’s life. He spoke of cruel text in a bitter letter from his mother, “The only regret I have in life is giving you birth.”

Is a child’s life better when a mother incapable of loving them is absent? What if a mother realizes their inability will scar the child? What if she believes abandoning a child and everything else, including hope, is the ultimate sacrifice?

Three-year-old DIANE innocently contributes to her mother’s accidental death. Diane’s despondent and angry father, MATT, lays the blame squarely on her.

Twenty-five years later, DIANE drowns in guilt and self-loathing. Now a brilliant political analyst, she shines at work, fails at home. Diane avoids her toddler daughter, PENNY. Diane tries, but hasn’t a clue why she can’t bond with Penny.

Diane’s professor husband, MICHAEL, accepts and loves Diane, and she him. He’s concerned dodging Penny is detrimental to the child’s well-being. A shrink and prescription pills fail to crack a wall of fog shrouding Penny from Diane.

Assigned to analyze increased Intel chatter, Diane gladly leaves her affluent Ithaca, New York home for meetings in the World Trade Center. It’s 9/11.

To her dismay, Diane survives the attacks. She seizes an opportunity for Penny to mourn a mother killed by terrorists. She forms a plan: borrow from a Loan Shark, buy fake ID, change appearance and flee for a lonely life in vast Australia.

With no intention of repaying the Shark, Diane hitchhikes to Los Angeles where, in a month, she flies to Sydney. The Shark chases her for the money. Cops track Diane on trumped-up theft and assault charges.

Like many others, Michael searches in vain for Diane. With no trace, he accepts her death and holds a memorial. Stubborn Penny believes Mom will return.

As the Shark and Cops close in, Diane meets six-year-old TWINS living like feral cats in an area accessible only by a rickety bridge. A passing tornado destroys the bridge and traps them. A police helicopter swoops in to rescue the trio.

The Twins help Diane realize her mother’s accidental death was not her fault.

Diane’s name hits on the police database. A LIEUTENANT transports her to jail. Instead, the corrupt Lieutenant delivers Diane to the Shark. The Lieutenant reconsiders and protects Diane. The Shark kills the Lieutenant. Diane is next.

With a new desire to live, Diane must think fast to avoid being killed by the Shark.

With elements of "We Need To Talk About Kevin," "Kramer vs Kramer" and "World Trade Center," "World’s Best Mom" celebrates motherhood while challenging the concept of what represents a “good” mother.

Have you spoken to your mom today?

World’s Best Mom
A 96 page drama by Anthony J Stampalia

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The story itself is compelling and a real page turner.
Writer: Recommend, Project: Recommend
Sarah J. Cornelius, Creative & Production Executive, Whitewater Films

This is a compelling story with strong characterization and a narrative structure that kept me on the edge of my seat throughout. The evocative world feels realistic as Diane goes from the glitz and glamour of Ithaca to the gritty underworld of seedy motels in Queens--and beyond.

The climax is intense and satisfying, unexpected yet inevitable. It's the big, action-packed showdown between Diane and the loan sharks that we have been expecting, but it comes about in a unique way. Overall, this is a unique and compelling script that demonstrates a lot of skill on the part of the writer.
Recommendation: Consider
Screenplay Readers, AB

A unique story about motherhood that does a good job of exploring the concept from all possible angles, WORLD’S BEST MOM is certainly the most original take on the 9/11 aftermath drama we’ve seen. The “new identity” after 9/11 has been done, but not with this particular slant, which makes this memorable and certainly eye-opening.
Script: Consider, Writer: Recommend
Coverage Ink, TS

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The Writer: Anthony Stampalia

The black sheep son of average middle-classers who found him a bit odd, he found escape from the crushing sameness of small town America in films on Cable.  He watched anything and everything, but Billy Wilder and Robert Altman permanently zapped his developing brain.

To his chagrin, he found no one pays you to watch TV.  Accustomed to eating three meals a day, he took jobs making TV.  Tony directed live TV, commercials and the public affairs shows insomniacs find at 2AM.  He turned his attention to screenwriting, hand scribing his first feature-length screenplay on slow news days.  After migrating to New York, he ascended to Post House Senior Editor.

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