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A young couple attempt to blackmail a wealthy married man, but underestimate the target.

Josh and Nadine have a plan to blackmail a married man. Nadine will seduce him, record it and threaten to expose him if he doesn't pay up.

Their first target, Gordon, falls for it hook, line and sinker. The morning after, he is at the bank getting the money while Nadine explains to Josh how she managed to lure him in. When Gordon returns to the hotel room, Josh hides in the bathroom keen to listen in on the transaction. However, Gordon has changed his mind and instead of money has brought a gun with him. He threatens Nadine, ordering her to hand over the video. Nadine tries to reason with him as Josh sneaks out of the bathroom and attacks Gordon. A scuffle ensues and Josh is shot in the stomach.

As Josh lay bleeding, Nadine rushes over to him to help. Gordon refuses to allow her to call for an ambulance until he has the video in his possession. Nadine is willing to give it to him, but Josh is reluctant assuming he will just kill them both once he has it. Nadine knows she has no choice if she wants to save Josh and so takes Gordon to the other hotel room where the video recording has been uploaded to a mobile phone kept there.

They leave Josh and arrive at the other room where Nadine finds the phone and gives it to Gordon. He searches for the video, but can't find any sign of it. Nadine locks herself in the bathroom and when Gordon tells her he's heading back to the other room to finish Josh off, she comes out. Gordon attacks her, but she manages to knock the gun from Gordon's hand and run for the night-stand. Before she can get the gun from the drawer, Gordon has wrestled her to the ground and is strangling her. Nadine reaches up and pulls the drawer out, the gun landing by her hand. She picks it up and shoots Gordon in the side. Unfortunately this doesn't stop him and he kills Nadine.

Gordon wraps his wound in a towel and leaves the hotel room. Down in the lobby he comes across a woman he recognises, his wife, Darcey. He is confused by her presence, but she knows about his night of passion with Nadine. She planned it, hiring Josh and Nadine to blackmail Gordon. She is sick and tired of his constant betrayal and wants a divorce, but a prenuptial agreement means she won't get a penny from him. When Gordon reveals his gunshot wound and asks her to call an ambulance, Darcey refuses to in the hope his death will result in her getting all of his money. Gordon shoots Darcey dead before passing out himself.

Submitted: October 28, 2018
Last Updated: October 30, 2018
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The Writer: Tom Batt

I have been writing for the last 10 years and in that time I have tried my hand at shorts, features and TV pilots. I have had several feature scripts and shorts optioned by various production companies and producers around the world. I have also found success in competitions placing as a Top Ten Runner Up in Scriptapalooza. Go to bio

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