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You Can't Escape Your Past

Peter Andrews finds himself traveling back in time ten years every time he falls asleep. He reaches out to a psychologist to help make it end.



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After being hit in the head by a rock, Peter Andrews finds that every time he falls asleep, he travels back in time ten years. Now, sixty years in his past, he reaches out for help.

The psychologist, obviously, is dubious. But she hears out his story, trying to see how she can help. When she is confronted with the reality of his claims, she has to decide what she is going to do with this new information.

Submitted: September 6, 2018
Last Updated: January 26, 2021

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The Writer: Scott Nelson

Award-winning writer of features and shorts. Work is sometimes a bit edgy and often has a twist. I believe that good screenplays make us deal with hard issues, and change us for the better. I am looking for vehicles to connect with other writers and producers. Currently working as a technology analyst, so I especially like looking at the impact technology has on society. Also interested in general in using stories to talk about issues with Society, and helping to effect positive change. Also willing to discuss turning any of these shorts into features. If interested, let me know. Heavily influenced by Rod Serling, Ray Bradbury, Harlan Ellison, and Phillip K. Dick. Currently, I have forty-... Go to bio
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