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A California Beach Boy moves to Chicago in the sixties and struggles to follow the non-violent teachings of Dr. King as he takes on racist gang members at his new high school.

Young Blood is my homage to both John Ford and John Hughes. It is The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance set in the sixties, at my own Chicago high school, when it was undergoing integration being met with ugly opposition from racist gang members. The film looks back at a very violent and volatile period in our history, but the story still revolves around the love triangle between the two heroes and the girl they both desire. These are characters a young audience can relate to, as well as those of us who grew up during these turbulent times . The great music from the era also plays an integral role in telling my story.

Although my film calls upon archive news footage relating to Dr. King's assassination and the Chicago riots that followed, I am not attempting to make another Selma or Detroit. This is simply the story of a naive, idealistic, bi-racial teen, who wants to change the world he lives in - but his cause has deadly consequences for the people he cares about the most.

The original Western has the memorable line "When the legend becomes fact; print the legend." My film ends with the same kind of ambiguity. The young man is at the grave of his friend, who sacrificed his life in Viet Nam and he asks "Did we make a difference?" With the current racial tensions in our country and the increasing number of murders here in Chicago, it seems like a valid question. Did they make a difference?

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The Writer: Marty Brice

I graduated from the University of Illinois in 1981, with my B.F.A. and a dream of pursuing a life as a Playwright. Marriage and children would soon take me in another direction and after sorting mail for the USPS for a few years, I began my career as a United States Postal Inspector. I investigated any and all crimes against the Postal Service, or when the Postal Service was utilized in the furtherance of criminal activity. This included mail bomb investigations, burglary and robbery cases, as well a complex finacial crimes of Mail Fraud, Bank Fraud, Credit Card Fraud and Money Laundering. As a Federal Agent I prepared search warrants, seizure warrants, arrest warrants and criminal... Go to bio