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A biracial teen, finds himself embroiled in racial tensions at his new Chicago high school undergoing integration in the sixties and he struggles to follow the peaceful teachings of Dr. King in this violent world.

Our young hero Sean Martin takes on racist gang members at his new high school, by using the school paper and launching a campaign called S.T.A.R. He finds a mentor in his journalism teacher Mr. Hobwell, or "Hob", who also happens to be the schools only African American teacher. After receiving a severe beating from Marvin Miller and the Maniac Drifters, Sean is befriended by Tom Murphy and his girlfriend Alison Foley. Tom is a former gang member himself, but promised Alison he would quit the life after his older brother was killed two years earlier. Sean also finds an ally in Curtis Johnson, Tom's childhood friend, who is the only African American student that actually lives in the area.

As this conflict continues Sean and Alison spend more time together and Tom becomes increasingly more jealous. At one point, he shows Sean a .38 he keeps hidden in his gym locker. When Sean tells Alison about this, he is surprised when she replies "Actually he has a couple guns. One was his brother's." This is during one of their tutoring sessions with Curtis and we also come to learn Sean's father was African American. It is also in this scene that their true feelings for one another are revealed. Tom's jealousy wasn't unfounded.

With the assassination of Dr. King, the city of Chicago erupts in violence and the film provides some actual news footage from that horrific day. As Robert Kennedy provides his memorable speech, we have a series of shots of the looting, burning and violence, mixed in with shots of the unholy alliance of the white street gangs gathered at the Maniac Drifters' clubhouse.

On Palm Sunday, following the riots, Tom arrives at Sean's house asking him to warn Curtis to stay away from the school, telling him "It's gonna get ugly." He also provides Sean two tickets to the school's upcoming May Days dance. He knows Sean is a better fit for Alison.

As Tom has warned, the gangs have gathered at the high school to confront the black students. Curtis arrives alone and is determined he is going into the school. When Tom can't reason with him, he reveals the 9mm he has under his jacket and tells Curtis to "Stay close." As the two men approach the gangs, school buses suddenly pull up and the students and faculty pour out. The white students form a barricade around their fellow black students. The group is led by Hob, who provides some inspiring words and puts Marvin in his place before the police arrive to disperse the gangs.

This is followed up with the May Days dance, where Tom rigs the voting ballots so Alison and Curtis are crowned the King and Queen of the dance. The music from that era plays an integral part in the story and Tom and Alison share one last dance to their song that was introduced earlier in the film.

After Tom leaves the dance, Marvin and his side kicks arrive to disrupt the festivities, but once again they are put in their place by Sean and Hob, who also get support from the other students. This victory is short lived, however, because Marvin will return and kill Hob as the dance is winding down.

Sean can only think of revenge now and he retrieves Tom's .38 from his gym locker. The final show down takes place at the Maniac Drifter's clubhouse, where Sean and Marvin have a knock down drag out fight. Just when it seems Marvin is going to kill Sean with his own .38, Tom steps out of the shadows and shoots Marvin.

While Sean is recovering in the hospital, he is guilt ridden for getting Tom involved in Marvin's murder. Tom pays him a visit and with the help of a FLASHBACK, we witness the earlier murder of Tom's brother by Marvin. Tom informs Sean he was there to revenge his brother's killing before he leaves town. Tom has joined the Marine Corps and has to report to Paris Island.

The final scene takes place years later at Tom's grave. Sean joins Curtis and Alison in Curtis' car. As they make their way through the cemetery, Curtis plays Tom and Alison's song one last time and they all sing along.

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The Writer: Marty Brice

I graduated from the University of Illinois in 1981, with my B.F.A. and a dream of pursuing a life as a Playwright. Marriage and children would soon take me in another direction and after sorting mail for the USPS for a few years, I began my career as a United States Postal Inspector. I investigated any and all crimes against the Postal Service, or when the Postal Service was utilized in the furtherance of criminal activity. This included mail bomb investigations, burglary and robbery cases, as well a complex finacial crimes of Mail Fraud, Bank Fraud, Credit Card Fraud and Money Laundering. As a Federal Agent I prepared search warrants, seizure warrants, arrest warrants and criminal... Go to bio