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A Piece of Glass

A Piece of Glass
Two warring sisters fight to regain what they’ve lost. Sibling rivalry can be a real killer.

We all know siblings can be competitive. Your brother or sister might be sportier, brainier or better looking than you. That’s just the way families – and life – is. Still, an element of competition can be good. Just look at Venus and Serena – competition hasn’t hurt them much. It’s even helped them. Kerching!

But in Debra Johnson’s A Piece of Glass, the equation’s quite different. In it, adult sisters Linda and Melissa take sibling rivalry to a whole new level. Bitter, spiteful, malicious and even murderous – it’s a whole new ball game for these girls.

Even in the opening, the rising conflict is in place. Linda searches the house for her missing sister. Who she finds in the attic – moping.

Why? Well, it’s that minor problem of losing boyfriend Tommy. Melissa’s not over the heartbreak yet. Especially since Linda’s the one she lost him to. Strangely enough, Linda’s not looking to apologize… she’s just trying to get an allowance increase (her sister handles the estate.) After all, twenty thousand dollars a month doesn’t cut it – at least with Linda’s expensive tastes. And when Melissa refuses to help a “poor girl” out, the conversation gets nasty – quick:

God, you are such a pain in the ass. If it weren’t for the fact you control the inheritance, I’d…

You’d what? Lock me away up here?


Linda steps closer to Melissa. Inches from her face.

I’d kill you and take all the money.

As the mother of all arguments explodes, it’s hard to know which of these girls is worse. Everything is tit for tat. Insults are exchanged – as well as blows. These are two siblings that would definitely benefit from a Time Out on the Naughty Step. Unfortunately, Linda’s comments about Tommy come through crystal clear:

Promise a guy pussy and he’s putty in your hands.

Melissa covers her ears.

Unsurprisingly, Melissa doesn’t take this well. And so the conflict rises. To a point of no escape.

Think Single White Female meets Whatever Happened to Baby Jane: this little page tuner is a ghoulishly gory tale, with strong roles any actor would be willing to kill for! Which of the sisters will make it out of the attic alive? Brother, you’ll have to crack open this script to find out!

The Script

The Piece of Glass

Half sisters fight for the love of one man - but only one will survive.

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