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A Visit With Diana

A Visit with Diana
Fredrick visits his wife's grave for the first time in a year since she was buried.
During his visit he makes an unexpected friend and finds the courage to move on.

What I wouldn’t give for one more conversation with my father. He passed away at 63. So many things we didn’t say, so many experiences we’ll never share. Like meeting his beautiful granddaughter.

In Bedanta Chakrabarty’s “A Visit With Diana,” the aged widower Frederick meets a curious young girl at his wife’s grave., which he’s visitin for the first time. It’s a tall task for anyone. The loneliness, the flood of emotions, the raw feelings. No better place for an old, grieving man to meet a cheerful young girl to ease the tension.

This is the first time I’ve been here since she...

He takes an emotional deep breath.

I just... couldn’t.

Did you love her?

Yes. Very much.
I don't think I told her enough.
She had a heart of gold.
Anyone who could put up with me for fifty years...

As the scene grows, we feel a playful banter between Frederick and this frolicking young girl. And a familiarity, like they might not be strangers after all.

My, you’re awful friendly.
That’s good. I like your spirit!  

The girl examines the grave.

You should bring your wife flowers. 
I  bet  she  would  like them.
Pretty purple flowers!  

Fredrick studies the bare grave.

Yeah, I bet you’re right.

After the girls bounds away and Frederick converses with a woman who he thought was her mother, we learn the girl only appeared to him. In the end, Frederick received the chance to talk to his Diana one, last time and she had magical words for him.

Don’t be sad, Fredrick. I’m happy!
But I want you to be happy, too!

And then, he was. And isn’t that what life is all about? The joy of knowing loved ones are happy? Those moments when all is right in the world, in your heart? Those moments are plentiful in “A Visit With Diana” and I hope to tear up watching it soon.

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