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A Visual Rebirth: Sentient

Life, death, and mermaids.

GAVIN, a man of no definite age, lies alone, bobbing gently on the water.

Gavin sleeps in a dinghy on the open sea, drifting along blissfully unaware of what's to come. A mermaid appears startling him awake.

Am I dreaming?

Enveloped as he is in the mystery of his circumstance, we have no choice but to continue - if only for ourselves.

But where am I?

On the edge.

The dialogue well-crafted and precise; Gavin asks all the right questions to reveal his destiny.

He begins to pant fast, holding his chest. She smiles.

Starkly revealing, this script showcases amazing prowess in its ability to tap into the power of visual storytelling. Clocking in at a mere two pages, it manages to paint a vivid and engrossing tale that will stick with the reader far beyond the time it takes to read it.

The light is larger now, much closer. The mermaid offers her hand.

Tina manages to tap into a collective subconscious giving little in the way of direct explanation. Her unique take on fantasy furthers the spectacle and absolutely grips the audience from the very beginning until its remarkable end.

His shoulders sink below the waves. He screams, before his head disappears under the water.

The ubiquity of its story and depth of subject matter lends itself to success. Considering the eminence of The Shape of Water, I can see it performing spectacularly on a festival circuit. Filmmakers take note, with practical effects taking precedence, this film will be a joy to make.

Sentient is a visual treat and fantastical tour de force.

The Script


A man awakes on a dinghy, and questions his awareness, when a mermaid appears.

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