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Breeding Material - Who's Got the Right Stuff?

“Unable to have babies the old-fashioned way, people from the distant future travel back in time to find suitable breeding material.”

Recently, science fiction’s experienced a realism renaissance.

Gravity, Interstellar, and The Martian won praise from audiences and scientists with accurate portrayals of complicated theories. And one will note – deservedly so. But while veracity is a nice touch, films are ultimately entertainment at heart.

Sometimes, what we want is just a touch of flippancy – with the backdrop of science to dress it up.

Breeding Material is unashamedly the latter. A script which has all the classic SF tropes: the crazy, exposition-spewing scientist, time travel, and an everyday person thrust into a world beyond their wildest dreams.

Oh, and ice cream. More on that, soon enough.

Here’s the situation: Attractive young Jennifer snoozes in her apartment, when a space-time portal opens next to her bed. The portal spits out two young men in Lycra suits. Ones that head the poor girl’s way.

The duo waste no time in claiming Jennifer as a kidnapped third wheel – dragging her back through the continuum of space time.

When they enter the futuristic lab of Professor Zork, the trio quickly morphs to a quartet. And to Jennifer, this Zork guy is a grade A Perv – creepy, old and unkempt.

To make matters worse, he already knows Jennifer’s name, and asks her to provide eggs for his experiment. Not scrambled – the “Human-kind”. This is tale won’t be “over easy” soon.

Why would Zork want such things? In order to create fertile offspring for his cherished sons, Ben & Jerry.

Look at it this way: at least Zork didn’t name them Rocky Road or Mint Chip. Let’s just say that 2000 years in the future, ice cream is a melting legend of the distant past.

And there are other things we store in freezers, that might prove useful to Zork too…

Featuring witty dialogue and commentary on modern society, Breeding Material certainly reproduces entertainment well. Whether it’s via Tinder,, or STS (that’s STS, not STDs)… This script seeks an attractive directorial mate!

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