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Buddy Cop - Warning, "Lethal Laughter" Ahead...

Buddy Cop
A pair of actors breakout of the tired buddy cop movie cliches.

Detectives Carver and Briggs look into the trunk of a car and behold the haul of Columbia’s finest that rests in front of them. It’s the find of a lifetime, our on screen buddy cop duo have executed their job to perfection and every genre defining trope seems to be falling into place. That is until Carver and Briggs attempt to regurgitate the expected lines and have a slight change of heart…

Twenty-two years on the force.
I’ve never seen so much dope in my life.
After this, I’m as good as retired.

Detective Briggs steps into frame.

Well, isn’t this something.
(extends hand)
Detective Briggs.

Carver refuses to shake hands.

Yeah, I know. I read your file.
You’re a country boy huh?

You better believe it.
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Born and raised.
What about you? Where are you from?

Not now kid. I’m too tired for these lines.

Excuse me.
(looks around nervously)
What lines?

You know the clichés. You’re young.
Give it time. You’ll want to veer off script too.

What about the director?

He’s not paying attention.

Cut to director Jason, this is his project and he doesn’t take kindly to two renegade (actor) cops going off-piste and deciding to subvert an entire genre just because they are fed up with the usual hoops they have to jump through. But Briggs and Carver are no ordinary actors, no, they are thespian rogues who care not for tropes and rogue they go. On their adventure they encounter a badly named Russian crime boss, a really angry Police Chief and the usual stereotypical danger, all the while questioning what the point of it all really is.

Buddy Cop is a witty short that takes a sardonic swipe at expected conventions, then somehow both fulfils and batters them down at the same time. Lethal Weapon, Rush Hour, whatever the next Shane Black movie is likely to be, all the expectations one has of a buddy cop movie are channelled into 9 pages and subverted with comedic precision by writer Christian Johnson. If you’re looking for a short film which knows its way around an overdone genre and isn’t afraid to bear its teeth and point it out, then look no further than Christian’s comedic creation that breaks the mould with rebellious abandon, and then delivers a cheesy line on its way out of the room.

The Script

Buddy Cop

A pair of actors breakout of the tired buddy cop movie cliches.

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