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Cackle - And Audiences Won't Stop Crying from Fear


Left all alone with her young daughter, a mother bravely faces the cackling stranger lurking outside their home.   But, will she prevail over the horror that awaits her?

A little house in the woods. 

Trees so abundant the moon struggles to shed its light through their branches. 

Solitude.  Peace.  Far from the bustle of everyday life, with caring neighbors just down the road. 

Whatever could be more ideal?

Michael Kospiah shatters the calm in his latest work, Cackle:

Little Carol Anne is sure something is out there in the silent darkness. A cackling stranger, in fact. 

Mom Susan calmly attempts to quell her young daughter’s fears.  Perhaps she’s imagining things.  It must have been a nightmare, or perhaps the mischievous neighbor boys pulling some sort of prank. 

But Carol Anne insists something’s wrong.  So eventually, Susan makes a call to the O’Rourke’s down the road.  No answer. 

Her young child and teddy bear safely returned to bed, Susan listens. 

And, there he is.  The man.  This time Susan calls the police.

But the officers find nothing unusual and attempt to allay Susan’s fears—not unlike the mother’s own efforts with her child.   Still, Susan insists that she wasn’t imagining things.

SUSAN - It was the most horrifying thing I’ve ever  seen.

Cop#1 and Cop#2 exchange a glance. They face Susan again.

COP#1 - I’ll tell you what. We’ll stick around the area a little bit. Do a couple rounds until morning. Just to make sure.

Susan nods, unsettled.

The police leave.  The ominous cackles resume, growing louder.

And the door opens revealing... The Man. That smile. That  laugh.

He stands at the doorway, his cackling growing louder as he stares across to his prey.

Carol Anne clutches onto her mother.


Will Susan be a heroine?  Or, will her maternal instincts only further imperil young Carol Anne?  Cackle is a suspense-filled piece will leave audiences guessing until the very end. 

The Script


A woman and her young daughter living alone in the middle of nowhere are awakened one night by a strange man who just can't seem to stop laughing.

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