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Caller Unknown - Who Is It Now?

Caller Unknown
An emergency call center attendant attempts to talk a young woman off the ledge as she asks him increasingly personal questions.

Adam sits at his desk in an emergency call centre, headset attached and the desk before him organized to within an inch of its life. As he hangs up on a time waster, a new call comes through: a distressed woman whose house has just been broken into.

All seems normal as he takes down her details and reassures her that help is on the way, but then his mask starts to slip.

9-1-1, what’s your emergency? 

Adam types the information into his computer.

Is the intruder still in the area? 
Okay, that’s good, and you're alone at the property now? 
Address please? 

He continues to type. 

Authorities will be there shortly, ma’am. 

Adam ends the call and stares intently at the address on the screen. 

He thinks for the briefest of moments then rhythmically taps the backspace key, erasing what he had typed. The letters disappear one at a time. 

He quickly jots the address down on the piece of paper he was drawing on and folds it neatly three times before sliding it into his shirt pocket. 

Adam removes the headset and turns off the computer monitor.

His motives are unclear, but the squeaky clean opening image of a young professional serving those in need fades as he rises from his desk to leave, only to stop as he receives another call. 

On the other end of the line he finds a troubled young woman, Kate, who seems initially unfamiliar to Adam, but by the time he gets off the phone call, a brutal connection is revealed and his true nature laid bare.

Caller Unknown is an wonderful short which, through the exceptional writing style of author Warren Duncan, keeps the true motives of its central characters hidden until the final movements when a very satisfying twist is unleashed. Filmable on a shoestring budget and with minimal cast numbers required, this short is a must read for any director/producer looking for a drama that lasts in the memory.

The Script

Caller Unknown

An emergency call center attendant attempts to talk a young woman off the ledge as she asks him increasingly personal questions.

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