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Cat and Mouse - Who's the Prey?

Cat & Mouse
When Harry’s deadly job brings him home after fifteen years,
he learns his target involves an old love, safeguarding a secret even more dangerous than him.

Cat & Mouse is the new life or death.

Harry’s from around here. Where is here exactly? London - but of course.

Harry's been gone for more than ten years, but today a strict work deadline brings him and colleague Donovan right back to the doorstep of his old life.

No one is quite sure what Harry and his wise-cracking buddy do for a living - but they spend nights dressed in expensive suits, wining and dining clients at snazzy hotels. Whatever the job entails, they’re damned good at what they do. Whatever that may be.

Truth is…Harry and Donovan are closers.

These are men most of us will never have the "pleasure" of meeting. Which is a very, very, very good thing.

When this motley pair closes something... it is never, ever reopened. They don’t punch time clocks; but they’re punctual professionals nonetheless. Clean. Efficient. Silent. In, Out and Done - before anyone has the slightest clue where they've been.

When Harry gets this latest order, he assumes it isn’t any different than other assignments he's expertly handled in the past…An assumption that turns out monstrously wrong.

Shortly after an attractive epidemiologist crosses his path - unknowingly throwing a wrench into his bloody work.

Then, Harry's old life rears its attractive head.  It's a face from the past: on a familiar form clad in jeans and a Guns’ N Roses t-shirt.  Which is when the countdown to collison begins.

In a blinding muzzle flash, Harry'll have to decide if THIS mark hits too close to home...

Take a life or risk not living to see his own future?

Tick, tock, tick, tock, DING!

What unfolds next will surely surprise - and burn an unforgettable image into one's brain.

Jeremy Storey’s Cat & Mouse is no ordinary Saturday night special. A classic story of love, blended with new age thriller, this short balances emotion and entertainment with style.  

Read this one, and we guarantee you'll be on the edge of your seat.  But take care not to fall off. As a cat, you won't see this ending coming. Sometimes it's much safer to be a mouse...

The Script

Cat & Mouse

When Harry’s deadly job brings him home, his anonymity is compromised when he learns that his target involves an old friend, safeguarding a dreadful secret.

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