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Christmas Dinner - Guess Who's Coming to Dinner THIS time?

Christmas Dinner
You’ve never been invited to a dinner like this.

Easter, New Years, Hanukkah, Christmas. Is there any time more joyous than the holidays?

No matter one's particular faith, holidays represent abundance galore: delicious food, seasonal games, music and the special company of beloved family and friends. Who could turn down all that? It’s a celebration! An occasion people look forward to all year long.

Well - most people anyway.

In Richard Russell’s Christmas Dinner, you'll meet Roy. A man who's holiday "indifferent". Let's just put it that way.

The kind of archetypical guy you see in logging commercials. Big, burly, plaid wearing. Roy'd be happy sipping black coffee at his favorite diner - watching the waitress more than parades on TV.  And watching every calendar holiday come and go.

Which doesn't mean he's typical.  When it comes to holidays, Roy might just be the 1%.

But on the night before Christmas - when he’s kicked out of the diner so employees can commune with their families - Roy's in danger of finally becoming a real-life Scrooge.

When that bad news goes down, there’s nothing left for a truck driver to do but grab his keys and cruise.
Good thing Roy loves the open road. Robbed of his comfy diner, it’s all he has left.

The miles and road roll by. As does time.

Until Roy spots a young man in the chilly snow. Feeling a subtle tinge of holiday humanity, he pushes aside his grumpiness and offers the hitchhiker a ride. But where is this stranger going?

A family Christmas dinner. Of course.

And there’s something revealing beneath Roy’s reaction to this news that might just cure his bahumbug blues.

Roy's seen a lot in his rough and ready life - but he only spills the beans if you ask him questions outright. Turns out, his hitchhiker is in need of some serious advice. Roy and the mysterious traveler may have lots in common after all.

And as they reach the drop off point, something happens which changes Roy’s perspective on holidays forever. For Roy, Christmas - and other holiday celebrations - may never be the same again.

Come along for the journey of Roy’s most memorable Christmas ever. This script is truly the gift that keeps on giving. The holiday season can be full of magic if you greet it with open arms. Richard Russell’s Christmas Dinner will leave you yearning to create a little magic of your own. Make sure YOU'RE the one who brings this short to life!

Take a seat at the table. It’s comfortable, it’s crazy, it’s Christmas…dinner!

The Script

Christmas Dinner

All alone, a trucker picks up a hitchhiker on Christmas Eve and delivers him to dinner.

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