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Daddy - Does Father Ever Know Best?

An assassin’s last act is to prove to his daughter and his wife that he is not a bad man.


Dances upon a MAN’S forehead until:


The man’s head rips backwards.

        ANNIE (V.O.)
I’m sorry that when you woke up, we
were gone. You must have been so scared.

From out of the darkness rushes, TYLER.

This is where we meet Tyler, a hard bitten killer on the opening gambit of his latest job.  

We follow Tyler as he dispenses judgment with a grace and skill honed by the years; working his way to the top of the dirtbag food chain, goon by goon.  

It isn’t about the money - not this time.  That was the old Tyler; this is a killer searching for change.  The odds are against him, but Tyler finds strength in the words of his young daughter, Annie.  Her innocence guiding him to a reward far greater than he’s ever known: redemption.

Marty Chartrand’s Daddy shines light into the dark soul of a hired gun struggling to make his peace through one last selfless act.

It’s not for a first-timer, but for a filmmaker looking to push their limits, this 7 page thrill ride gives you the opportunity to craft a fast-paced action piece underpinned by the most emotive of bonds: a father’s love for his daughter.  

So "take out" this script as your next "job"... but make darned sure you hit this target... right!

The Script


An assassin’s last act is to prove to his daughter and his wife that he is not a bad man.

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