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Death to the King - No Matter What it Takes....

Sent out with a scroll, a young man is picked up by the king’s chief interrogator.
Give the names of those involved and his life will be spared.

Death to the King explores the connection between one man’s belief in a cause, and a woman’s belief in him.

Human emotions and urges can sometimes be hard to portray on the page but in this short, Simon Parker has expertly created a vivid and captivating script that will keep the reader hooked throughout. Whether it’s the vivid descriptions, or the raw dialogue of the characters, Simon has created an exceptional tale.

We start in a darkened room where Eliza asks Philip to undertake a dangerous task to help overthrow a nameless King. The challenge that faces the young man is fraught with danger and seemingly suicidal, but Eliza believes in this revolution and more importantly in Philip himself.

Watching on is the elder statesman of the piece, Stuart, who raises doubts as to the young man’s ability to fulfil his duty. But Eliza doesn’t budge and lets Philip walk into the challenges that lie ahead.

Philip is captured by the King’s men and pushed to his limits. He had one task and failed, but he has to dig deep to protect the revolutionaries who have sent him to his seemingly inevitable death. Beaten and mentally battered, Philip still hangs on.

He now has one simple choice. Betray the revolution and live, or protect the cause he believes in and die.

What went wrong?

I don’t know. As I approached the city walls they grabbed me. I’m sorry.


You need to leave.

You can still save your own life.

But it would be at the price of yours.

The violent torment pushing Philip to his limits is expertly crafted by the author, and the scenario both tragic and true.

Will Philip fold and betray Eliza and her cause? Will he die a hero? Or is there something else unseen at play? There’s only one way to find out for sure: download Death to the King for a read.

Short at five pages, Death to the King only calls on a handful of characters and locations. This - coupled with the story at the beating heart of the work - makes it an exceptional opportunity for any producer or director looking for that next special script to bring to life.

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