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Ding Dong Ditch - Who's There?

Ding Dong Ditch
After thinking a group of mischievous kids are ringing his doorbell and running away in the middle of the night,
Matt soon finds out that it’s someone else with much more sinister intentions.

Come on, you know the game. We ALL played it as kids. Remember? That “game” you played when you’d ring someone’s doorbell and run away? It’s more of a prank rather than a game. A hilarious prank if I remember my childhood correctly. Sometimes we’d ring doorbells and hide behind bushes so we could see the befuddlement on their faces when they’d answer the door… only to see nobody there! Oh, what fun!

No harm done, right? A little childhood mischief never hurt anybody. Though some kids liked to light a bag of dog crap on fire and leave it on their doorsteps – which is a bit next level for my taste. But even then, come on! Kids will be kids! It’s like egging houses or toilet papering people’s lawns. No harm, no foul. Just a bit of innocent fun.

At least that’s what you think when you’re a kid. After reading Zack Akers’ atmospheric slasher, “Ding Dong Ditch”, I couldn’t help but look back on those days and realize how creepy that must’ve been for the people answering their doors. Hell, if I hear my doorbell ringing any time after dark, I’m hiding in the closet in fetal position, hand shaking while clutching pepper spray, crying to a 911-operator. Come to think of it, me and my friends were pretty messed up. I can picture my neighbor having night terrors 30 years later all because me and my dorky buds had nothing better to do.

Just imagine if it wasn’t a kid with nothing better to do, but a full-grown adult… who’s idea of fun is much more sinister than ringing a doorbell and running away in laughter. That’s the idea behind “Ding Dong Ditch”, a classic horror slasher that takes familiar horror tropes and exploits the hell out of them in the creepiest and most sinister way possible. No, author Zack Akers isn’t exactly reinventing the wheel here – but he’s taking the wheels off completely and taking us on a homage-fueled hell-ride into the darkest depths of human nature.

The night starts off innocently enough for 44-year old Matt, who’s viewing of the original House on Haunted Hill is unpleasantly interrupted by some punk kids ringing his door bell.

You damn kids! Come back on my
property and you’ll regret it!

It’s annoying how much Matt reminds me of myself – that old, crotchety middle-aged man shaking his fist at a bunch of up-to-no-good, punk kids.

Sure enough, later that night, the doorbell rings again. Ready to kick some adolescent ass, Matt answers his door again – but there’s nobody there. So, it seems. Unbeknownst to him, there’s someone watching him from the distance, breathing heavily – a classic trope you see in Giallo style thrillers like Dario Argento’s Deep Red – a style later used in slasher films such as Friday the 13thHalloween and Black Christmas.

While taking a phone call from his ex-wife, Matt hears the door bell ringing yet again. “Oh, those pesky kids!” he’s probably thinking to himself. But he’s about to get a very rude awakening.

If it’s not the kids playing ding-dong-ditch… who is? And why?

Heavy on atmosphere and tense, edge-of-your-seat moments, “Ding Dong Ditch” carries a very depraved and bleak tone with an ending that will remind you of one of the scariest films of the past 20 years, The Strangers. If you’re a filmmaker looking to rack up Youtube views while scaring the begeezus out of anyone who dare watch, I highly recommend you jump on this one.

The Script

Ding Dong Ditch

An innocent prank takes a dark turn.

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