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Dog Years - Memories Never Get Old... Even If Our Furry Friends Do

Dog Years
Take a trip down memory lane. The paw-sibilities are endless.

Fun fact: Did you know 1 human year equals 7 dog years?

And we should measure things in dog years. Maybe then, we’d recognize every precious moment for what it is. Sure, “What-ifs” are important. But our “right nows”: even more.

Which is a lesson Barley – the nap loving pup – has been giving troubled owner Bobby for quite a while.  Now in the golden age of his furry life, Barley’s still the best buddy Bobby’s ever had.  And that’s a realization his human companion confirms, as they take a trip (and walk) down memory lane.

From the very first day they met, that trip’s been full of moments one shouldn’t forget. For instance:

  • That day in the cemetery Bobby drank whiskey near his mother’s grave.  And encountered a then-puppy Barley… yet another desperate stray.
  • That time Bobby met his human soul mate besides a lake – while Barley romped with her poodle nearby.
  • The numerous nights Bobby pursued his passion for writing, and faithful Barley snoozed at his feet (rather than pursuing a tennis ball instead.)
  • And that time Bobby almost saw his journey end in a horrific car crash – if it hadn’t been for Barley slipping out the destroyed back window and finding help.

Yep: for Bobby Barley’s been there, every step.  But now that journey’s nearing its end – because whether one walks on two feet or four, time eventually catches up to us all.

Have you ever shared Life with a dog?  If not, shame on you: go adopt one now, and don’t miss out!  But if you have:

We GUARANTEE the message of this short will rip at your heartstrings and tear ducts.  It’s real. It’s human. It’s everything that makes dog-life worthwhile.  Much like the classics Where the Red Fern Grows and Old Yeller, Dog Years will suck you in (and lick your face) from the start. Short, sweet, and chock full of sentiment, Dog Years is paws down the most endearing story of man’s best friend that you’ll read in some time.

It’s like taking a long walk with a furry BFF. Bring this tale to the screen, and audiences will remember it’s ending for years (both human and dog) to come.



The Script

Dog Years

Bobby and his canine companion, Barley, go for one last walk, reminiscing about their eventful and emotional 100 dog years together.

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