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Don't Burst My Bubble - Give it Time

A young boy finds his first crush.  Now all he has to do is figure out how to gain her attention.

A trip to the mall with his Sudoko-loving grandma becomes anything but routine for 7-year-old Tommy when he spots Angelica. 

Instantly smitten, Tommy attempts to gain her attention—only to discover that girls possess an inexplicable resistance to casual distraction that the combined efforts of Transformers, the Marvel Universe and Lego are unable to overcome.

With the clock ticking, Tommy is forced to think on his feet.  That’s when an errant balloon shows him the way to Angelica’s heart:

The pink balloon having done another rotation of the ceiling snags on something, settles directly above Angelica, bobbing gently up and down. Angelica looks up, smiles, then frowns - ‘what’s it doing up there?! She squeezes her eyes tightly shut as -

A loud bang!

The balloon flops onto the table in all its deflated glory and lands in front of her. Angelica opens her mouth in shock and outrage, a silent ‘O’.

Tommy’s mouth also opens in a silent ‘O’ at the sight of her perfect mouth in exclamation. Everything slows down then -

Angelica bursts into a loud ear-piercing squeal. As only a five year old filled with all the pent up boredom and frustration of a long day can do, her squeals build to a crescendo culminating in -

She throws herself out of her chair and onto the floor balls up her fists in tantrum. The Blonde woman bends to Angelica, chocolates in hand, she proffers one to Angelica who angrily swipes it away.

Angelica’s body now her face beet red.

Tommy looks aghast, drumming his fingers on the table again, he gets up from his chair, whispers in Grandma’s ear, then he races out the door.

Tommy has a plan, but there’s still a way to go yet and his stumbles are far from over. 

Will Tommy find his footing long enough to win Angelica’s affections or will grandma’s Suduko skills prove his downfall?

Growing up is a journey of self-discovery and wonder; however, with each big step comes the inevitable stumble.  L. Chamber’s Don’t Burst My Bubble delivers a lovingly crafted, family-friendly tale of a young boy’s first crush in all its awkward glory. 

This dialogue-free short keeps it simple with a handful of characters set in and around a single location making this a great script for a filmmaker looking to showcase their skills in the most purest of forms.

The Script

Don't Burst My Bubble

A determined young boy tries to win over his first love. No dialogue.

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