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Two Mormon Missionaries find a man collapsed on the ground and must decide whether to save him… or save him. 

Just when you thought it was safe to answer the front door, two young Mormons get exactly what they have prayed for when their first stop on their conversion trip lands them at the doorstep of the most feared man in the Mormon propagation of faith. 

Writer Nat Miles scores one for the “heavens above” in this irreverent and laugh-out-loud tale of two Mormons as they do their Godly best to fulfill their door-to-door mission. But how far will one go to convert someone into a true believer; when does one’s beliefs cross the line between life and death? 

After 14 months of trying, Elder Pritchard has yet to score one for Jesus. Along with him for the holy walk is the newest member, Elder Fieldman. Like every other new member, they always start their tour with the house from hell, the resident most reviled by every God-fearing Mormon… grumpy Rufus. Elder Pritchard spills the beans and gives Elder Fieldman the heads up on what to expect as they approach the front door. 

I’m not supposed to tell you this,
but I don’t want to get your hopes up.
This is gonna sound weird, but… this isn’t just a house.
Every missionary is brought here on their first day. 

Elder Fieldman looks a little weirded out. 

This… is the lion’s den. 

They both look at the house. 

I’m sorry man, you have to do it. 


Because this job is hard. And long.
But if you can leave that porch with your head
held high and your soul intact,
then you’ll know there’s nothing left to fear. 

Well, lion’s den is an understatement, and when the raging alcoholic and schizophrenic Rufus answers the door, let’s just say Elder Pritchard’s losing streak is about to be broken. While Elder Pritchard works on his conversion schtick, Elder Fieldman makes the only choice any good Mormon would do… he calls 911. 

Doors” is a hilarious look at what it’s like to put on a white shirt and black tie, then muster the spirit to go knocking on doors to prove your worth to the Church. And when that one golden door opens and your persistence finally pays off, the angels will sing, and the paramedics will arrive. With a limited cast, one residential location and witty dialogue, this story will not only renew your faith in comedy, but your spirit will rejoice with the baptismal ending. 


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Two Mormon missionaries find a man collapsed on the ground, and must decide whether to save him him.

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