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Double Booked - and Ready to Fire!

Due to a scheduling error, two agency hit-men are double-booked to take out the same target.

Everyone knows the usual cinematic tropes of the Hollywood hitman with their charm, sophistication, ruthless edge and perfect timing. Well, author Charles Scowsill is here with his highly amusing comedy, Double Booked, to dispose of those conventions.

We open on a young man in a sharp suit, Winston, who carefully enters a house and prepares for what is to come. He takes a seat, relaxes, pulls out his gun and gets ready to conduct his messy business, but just as he is set to go he is interrupted by a rather bumbling and familiar nuisance, his aging colleague Thaddeus.

There is the soft sound of clutter. Winston raises his pistol calmly into the light. Suddenly - to the left of Winston, a window slides open. A clumsy figure staggers through.

Winston hurriedly leans over to a nearby “pixar” lamp and switches it on. The figure is revealed to be Thaddeus Eulovitch (57).

What the fuck are you doing here!?

What the fuck are YOU doing here!?

Only gonna tell you once Thaddeus. FUCK OFF.

What was that kiddo?


Ah, so I did hear you right.
Haven't got my hearing aid in you see.

Back off Thaddeus this is my contract, you're past your time.

I’ll give you five pounds to get and get some sweets from that off
license down the road.

Who the fuck do you think you are you withering asshole!?

Winston kicks over a nearby coffee table. The nonchalant Thaddeus takes a seat and lights a cigarette.

Keep your diaper on. I guess the boffins at HQ screwed up our schedules.


As the two bicker, the plot thickens as the wife of their target, Georgia, stumbles across them, and proves to have deeper depths than either man was expecting.

Will Winston and Thaddeus figure out what to do, will the likely spanner in the works that is Georgia prove too much to handle, and will they finally manage to complete their job and remove the target? Download the script and give it a read to find out.

Aside from the comedic wit on show in the writing, Double Booked is only six pages long and largely set in one single internal location, making it a cheap and simple production. If you are a film maker looking for a comedy to get your name out there then look no further, download Charles Scowill’s work and let the hits fall where they may!

The Script


Due to a scheduling error, two agency hit-men are double-booked to take out the same target...

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