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Driver Les - Is Less More?

Driver Les
When their getaway driver leaves them stranded after a bank robbery, two thieves unknowingly hijack a driverless car with a mind of its own.

As a middle-aged man who grew up in the 90’s, it’s insane to think about just how much technology has advanced over the years. I was just watching Total Recall – the good one, with Arnie and the lady with the three mammaries – and I remembered, as a child, having my mind seriously blown by all the computers and holograms and neat, futuristic gadgets. One of those scenes that really captured my imagination as a child was when Arnie’s character hitches a ride with a computerized taxi cab (Johnny Cab, it was called).

“No way!” Is what I was thinking. Even in the mid 2000’s, I never thought a self-driving car would be a possibility in my lifetime. Maybe my imagination just wasn’t vivid enough …

Self-driving cars, or autonomous vehicles, are indeed a thing. Kinda. It’s getting there. There’s been trials and experiments, to the best of my knowledge – with mixed results.

In Larry Postel’s highly-amusing Driver Les, two bumbling bank robbers find out for themselves just how mixed those results can be. Right after robbing a bank, the two nincompoops make a run for the getaway car. But there’s a problem – the getaway car is not there.

With time of the essence and the fuzz in hot pursuit, the two robbers have no choice but to hijack a vehicle. But when they do, they quickly find out that they’ve hitched a ride with a driver-less vehicle named Driver Les. The driver’s seat empty, all they hear is a robotic voice.

With zero time to waste, the two masked bandits try to make the best of their situation. And, to their pleasant surprise, Driver Les is quite the host…

Would you care for some music? We have
R and B, country and western, blues,
smooth jazz, show tunes, classic hits
from the 70’s, best of the Eagles
volume 1…best of the Eagles volume 2…

No… no music.

No music selected.
Would you care for a beverage? I have Coke,
Coke Classic and Diet Coke in my trunk.

I could go for some Mountain Dew. You got that? 

Driver Les turns out to be quite the gentleman. The robbers feel so comfortable around their new robot friend that they even decide to take off their masks…

They have no reason to check my photo
memory unless I report suspicious activity.
But you gentlemen are very pleasant.
There is no suspicious activity here.
Other than the fact that you are skiing
in the middle of July.

The rest of their getaway goes about as smooth as a getaway can get. So much so that the two robbers make an appointment with Driver Les for their next heist.

But what would a story be without conflict? During their next trip, our masked morons find out that, just like any regular Uber ride, things can go terribly, terribly wrong… in the most hilarious way possible. Packed with side-splitting, back-and-forth banter, especially the dialogue between the robbers and their new robot friend, Driver Les is sure to provide some much-needed laughs.

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