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Early Birds

Early Birds
Some people just turn up at the wrong place, at the wrong time.

An armed man walks into a convenience store in the middle of the night. 

His name is Brad...and this is clearly his first rodeo. 

But while his masked face appears young and his voice a bit unsure, he's also not the sort of man you want to mess with, given his ability to end your life at any second.

That is, unless you're the store owner, Gregg. 

Gregg is the kind of stubborn old man who's even more hard headed with a pistol trained at him...And it's his fearless demeanor that ignites the conflict of this story.

At only 4 pages, Youvraj Rajwanshi's "Early Birds" cleverly reimagines the classic robbery scene. What at first seems like a clear cut power dynamic morphs into a cat and mouse game that is thrilling from beginning to end.

This is an ideal script for any filmmaker who wants to tackle gritty stories with a high dose of tension, on a minimal one-scene location budget.

The Script

Early Birds

Some people just turn up at the wrong place, at the wrong time.

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Writer of 2 produced shorts; including the 2014 experimental film Stranger, starring Lydia Darly (Exorcist: The Beginning, The Way You Love) and directed by Jeremiah Kipp (The Minions, The Days God Slept). In 2014, Stranger was an Official Selection of the Beyond the Beaten Path Film Fest (Now the Huntington Beach Film Festival).

Austin Film Festival Screenplay Competition, Second Rounder, 2020.

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I'm an amateur screenwriter whose main genre focus/interest primarily is in horror and thriller. Although I am constantly trying to broaden my spectrum.   

I hope you like my scripts.

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