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Edie - You Get What You Pay For...

A male sex worker was up for anything… until he met Edie.

There’s probably always been a lot of sex had outside of romantic relationships.  But, over the past couple of decades much of the stigma attached to casual relationships and even hookups has faded.  The number of apps available to facilitate sexual encounters with strangers is an indication of their prevalence.  It’s therefore surprising that nearly half of all people who engage in casual sex, have said that they would like the sex to develop into a more serious relationship.

Darryl, the protagonist of Chris Courtney Martin’s Edie, is not one of those people.  A skilled and versatile sex worker, Darryl does it for money. 

The script opens with Darryl engaged in a graphic S & M encounter with John. Several minutes later, counting a wad of bills, and smoking a cigarette on the balcony of the rundown motel, Darryl notices Edie staring at him.  She’s a bit frumpy, but not bad-looking.  Darryl’s ready to get back to work. 

Within moments the two are inside Edie’s room.  She tells Darryl that it’s her birthday.  He offers her a birthday special.


Yep. That's my Birthday Girl Special. You got that on you?

Edie nods.

In the drawer.

Darryl crosses to the bedside table, opens the drawer.

A rainbow Velcro wallet sits inside. He picks it up, looks at Edie--

She nods, grants him permission.

He opens it up, takes out the bills, counts them. They add up to $250, even.

Well, well. Looks like this was meant to be.

Edie’s thoughts exactly. 

She seems so frightened and inexperienced that Darryl willingly lets her take the lead.  However, the confidence he has of his own control over the situation quickly fades.  By the morning after, Edie will have changed Darryl’s entire understanding of life (and death) for the worse.

If you appreciate scripts that turn the tables on the ones who think they have the upper hand, don’t pass up Edie.  She probably wouldn’t let you anyway.   

The Script


When a male escort takes a date with a lonely young woman, he uncovers a horrifying truth.

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