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Final Release - What do YOU want to be remembered for?

Final Release
A dying man has a final request for his soon-to-be widow.

At a bedside setting lies a shell of a young man with a terminal illness, Cody, and around him are gathered family members of all ages. The sadness felt by them is clear for all to see, but the most heartbroken that stands before him is his wife, and mother to their children, Diana.

His final breaths are drawing near and Cody knows it. After a warm embrace from an elderly relative he finally arrives at Diana, who he embraces for what is the last time.

But even though he is on his way out Cody has one last request of his wife, one final ask that puts her in a terrible bind.

Cody weakly beckons to his wife, Diana (30's), who releases the hands of their two small children on either side of her as she rushes to the bedside, putting her ear close to his mouth.

Before I fade, my love, I need to ask one last favor.

Anything, sweetheart- Anything.

I'm holding in a truly massive fart, but that ends once I'm gone.
I need you to take the blame.

Diana turns her head to look at Cody, aghast.

Love is a complex emotion, felt with varying hidden depths and strengths, but this one request from the dying Cody catches his dearly loved wife Diana off guard.

Will she rescue her soon to be deceased’s dignity, or let him pass in the painful knowledge that his last living action was to leave a stench that all of his generations will remember?

Final Release is a great little short that requires barely any budget, packs a punch when it comes to family tragedy and comedy, and despite being an exceptionally short single page in length it still manages to convey emotions that other scripts might struggle with over greater lengths.

If you’re looking for a funny, but emotional, comedy that is guaranteed to stick in the memory then look no further, and give Brent Woodroof’s Final Release a squeeze.

The Script

Final Release

A dying man has a final request for his soon-to-be widow.

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