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First Born - Make DAMNED Sure You're Debt Free, First!

First Born
Idle Promises Almost Always Bite You in the A$$....

Ah…youthful indiscretions!   Actually inhaling, balancing on the top of a friend’s moving vehicle, lovemaking on grandma’s couch while she’s asleep in the next room, sneaking out to parties in the middle of the night, assuming debt you had no intention of actually paying off, or entering into dubious exchanges with the devil.  Some folks seem to get away with it all:  no injuries, deaths or lasting regrets.   And, certainly no reason to share the more self-incriminating experiences with one’s spouse.

Others, however, aren’t so fortunate.  For Laura and Jacob, the young couple in Chris Hicks’ First Born, the past catches up to settle accounts when they least expected it.  Laura has just given birth to their first-born son.   No sooner are they basking in the joy of the moment, when they are hit with a blast from their past. 

The devil arrives on the scene and he is determined to collect his due: the couple’s newborn. 

Laura reacts to the news that her loving husband had hocked their future happiness for a luxury item he could not have otherwise afforded with disbelief that quickly transforms into shock and anger.  But, the tables quickly turn (again) when it becomes evident that Jacob is not the only one who recklessly entered into pre-nuptial dealings.  And, the devil is no longer the only one around seeking payment: a growing number of creditors show up to lay stake to their claim.  A bitter battle over the baby ensues. 

Will Laura and Jacob prevail as parents?  Can their marriage survive the discovery of so much deception?  As Laura and Jacob’s pasts collide with the present, audiences will delight in the perfect mix of comedy and somber realism of the questions raised in First Born!

The Script

First Born

After giving birth, a young couple discovers that they have promised their firstborn child to multiple people.

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