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Working alone in his mother’s basement, a young techie makes a scientific breakthrough which may cost him his life.

Mad Scientist? Super Nerd? Or just another young Bill Gates in the garage about to change the world?

Writer John Hunter will leave that for you to decide in this tongue-in-cheek story which begs the question: at what cost does the pursuit of scientific discovery demand a price too high?

Our geeky protagonist twenty-year-old Richard is hard at work in his Mother’s basement on his latest time-tripping experiment with best friend and lab partner, George. 

George is one of those silent partner types: goes along with the flow of things, and is the first one to volunteer to be the guinea pig for all of Richard’s research projects.  Well, not quite… did I mention George is a rat?  A white rat to be genus-ly correct, and George is about to take a trip into the future.

Preparing for the time-warp, Richard places battery jumper cables on George’s cage.

We need to run a test and you’re my number one test subject.
Heck, I may even mention your contribution in my memoirs.

Richard stands, sweeps his hand thru the air.



Hands on hips, Richard ponders.


Nah, that doesn’t sound right.

Richard turns the dial on his Mom’s old radio, selects the right frequency and… FIZZ! CRACKLE!   George’s cage glows and vanishes.  Now he really is silent. 

Richard is over-the-moon delighted and cannot believe it worked!  But as any true Scientist knows, it ain’t over till it’s over and Richard again spins the radio dial to a new Frequency.

FIZZ! CRACKLE!  Well… George isn’t the only thing that comes back from the future, and Richard may have just broken the Temporal Time Laws with his little Rat-Flux Capacitor!

Frequency” is a fun, although short, journey into what happens when the naive and idealistic go too far.  With one location, a cast of two humans and one brave rat, this story would be a hilarious relief to watch, perfectly timed for the comedy-starved audiences in today’s climate.

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Working alone in his mother’s basement, a young techie makes a scientific breakthrough which may cost him his life.

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I live under the shade of a large oak tree in Central Florida and enjoy telling a wide variety of slightly dark and quirky stories with a dash of humor.

My dystopian horror Baby Soup won the 2013 Florida Independent Filmmakers Contest and five of my short scripts have been produced. In July 2020, I declined an offer from mainland China for my mid-budget creature feature Snow Worms.

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