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Frequency: Things... Change

Working alone in his mother's basement,
a young techie makes a scientific breakthrough which may cost him his life.

Meet young, unassuming Richard, and his brave, intrepid lab rat, George. Richard is working on a scientific experiment, that could literally change the world as we know it. All from the convenient confines of his ever-exacerbated mother’s basement.

FREQUENCY, written by John Hunter is a tasty nugget of sci-fi fun that takes a familiar trope – nerdy young adult living in their basement, while always the focus of their mother’s frustrated ire – and turns it on it’s head, in a most ingenious way. FREQUENCY asks the question… what if the nerdy young adult suffering from arrested development, really is changing the world from their mother’s basement? And all they want is time and patience to realize their dreams and make their mother proud:

George, I think I’ve finally got this figured out.
Different dimensions in time are separated like
stations on a radio. Just change the frequency 
and BLAM – a different reality. Won’t my mom be proud.

But before he can do that, he most overcome one of life’s biggest hurdles first… being on time for dinner:

Dinner’s ready.

Interrupted in the middle of a scientific breakthrough, RICHARD snaps.

Just give me a few more minutes…

Dinner is ready, and I mean NOW!

As with most tales that involve the space time continuum, there’s the omnipresent threat of causation. FREQUENCY delivers on this concern in a most unexpected and clever way, that will leave the audience for this film with eyes wide open and mouth agape.

Will Richard make the scientific breakthrough of the century? Will George go down as the most important lab rat in history? Will they survive his mother’s veggie meatloaf? All of these weighty questions are asked and answered in this little gem of screenplay – perfect for the first-time filmmaker looking to flex their creative muscle on a limited budget.

Don’t waste any more time. Tune into FREQUENCY – you won’t be disappointed.

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