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Fun Size: Sometimes, Big *is* Better...

Fun Size
A trick-or-treater is angry after receiving a “fun size” candy bar.

Halloween may have been and gone for 2019, but everyone’s favourite costume themed day lives on in Jason K. Allen’s dark comedic short, Fun Size.

A doorbell rings and an innocent old man, Elmer McDaniel, greets a little “ghost” on his front door step. The usual Halloween pleasantries are exchanged, along with a few fun sized candy bars.

But the size of the sweets on offer quickly pose a sticky and not-so-sweet problem for the little ghost and our elderly friend.


Elmer grins. He reaches inside and grabs his platter of candy. He takes a couple of tiny candy bars and drops them into the kid’s bag. The kid stares down into the bag.

What was that?

Candy bars. Fun size!

The kid nods knowingly. He turns toward the bushes.

It’s him.

Two kids emerge from the bushes -- a witch and a goblin.

You’re Elmer McDaniel, right? Inventor of fun size candy bars?

Yep, that’s me! Fun size Elmer!

The three kids look at each other. They study Elmer.

Tell me: What exactly is fun about miniature candy bars?
I fail to find the hilarity.

I, uh... well...

Did you get fun size candy bars when you were little?

Well, no. We had... regular size.

That’s what I thought.

With Elmer’s true identity revealed, and the now angry ghost joined by two of his costumed accomplices, the old man’s pleasant evening takes a turn for the worst. Will our geriatric friend survive the unhappy youths, or fall victim to their candy related, sugar fueled rage?

A short and witty script with minimal locations and budgetary requirements, Fun Size is just waiting for the right film maker to bring it to life. Halloween may indeed be no more for this year, but this is one "goulish" indie skit that would make the ideal project for someone looking for a seasonal release in 2020!

The Script

Fun Size

A trick-or-treater is angry after receiving a "fun size" candy bar.

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