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Glitter and Glow

Glitter and Glow
A magical ornament serves as a reminder of loved ones.

There’s something about the holidays that make us all warm and gooey inside. It’s that sentimental time of year when you can truly appreciate the company of your loved ones and create very special memories. It’s also a time when we think back and reminisce about the magic of past holidays, remembering special times with loved ones who are no longer with us. David Lamberton’s Glitter and Glow captures that warmth and sentimentality perfectly in this touching holiday tearjerker.

The story begins with six-year-old Emma and her Grandpa decorating the Christmas tree. Every ornament and strand of tinsel is arranged intricately. And, as Grandpa tells Emma, every ornament has some kind of special meaning. One golden ornament in particular bearing the smiling face of Grandma, who sadly passed years ago, especially carries heartfelt meaning. Grandma, who was a glass blower, created the ornament herself, as Grandpa explains during his story, describing the ornament’s magical history…

As I sat on the sofa, feeling all
sorry for myself, her face…
(holds up the ornament)
Magically appeared on this. Like
she was trying to tell me that
everything was all right. That she
was still here with me.
(wipes a tear)
The glow of a love from long ago.

Twenty-five years later, Emma, now a mommy, decorates the Christmas tree with her five-year-old son, Timmy. But the mood feels a bit somber with Emma grieving the recent loss of her beloved Grandpa. She tells Timmy of past Christmases spent with him, helping him decorate the tree every year. And then she shows him that special ornament bearing Grandma’s face that she inherited from Grandpa, telling Timmy about it’s magical origins… when something even more magical happens…

Without being overly sentimental or settling for cheese, “Glitter and Glow” is a genuinely touching and magical tale that would make Scrooge himself shed a tear. And with its low budget, this would be very easy to film. I recommend that filmmakers scoop this one up quickly and film it in time for the holidays next year!

The Script

Glitter and Glow

A magical ornament connects Christmas past and present.

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