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Great Again - Says Who?

Great Again
After falsely reporting a hate crime, Wendell believes he’s being followed and harassed by a mysterious man.
But will anybody believe him this time?

You know you’ve read something great when it keeps resonating with you days later, and such is the case with the timely new short by experienced writer Michael J. Kospiah. Great Again tells the story of Wendell, who in a moment of madness decides to claim that two white guys in MAGA hats mugged him, in broad daylight, in Harlem… when CCTV footage clearly shows that he’s lying.

Wendell meets his eyes with him – he takes a moment to nod.

Two white guys wearing MAGA hats in the middle of Harlem?
On a Friday night?
On Malcolm X Boulevard, of all places?
Lotta people out.

Wendell reads the doubt on the detective’s face.

I’m not lying.

Wendell… we have surveillance footage of the incident.
It was one man, not two… and he was black.

Fuck. Caught red-handed, Wendell doesn’t know what to say.

But in this case when Wendell cried wolf, it appears that he may have accidentally woken the wolf up, as he starts to see a malevolent figure in a MAGA hat following him everywhere. Did I mention that the mysterious figure has a large knife? No, well you can understand why Wendell is so spooked by his shiny new stalker.

His girlfriend, Lisa, isn’t convinced by his sightings of the Maga hat man, she never see’s him despite Wendell seeing him just moments before. But things really escalate when the MAGA hat man follows them home and knocks on their door. Lisa is close to calling the Police, but a once again not finding any sign of the stalker she refuses to pander to Wendell’s paranoia.

Wendell jumps back, Lisa appearing behind him.

What’s wrong?

He looks out the peephole again.

It’s him again, the weird-looking
motherfucker with the MAGA hat!
Call the cops!

He turns, faces Lisa — she has her arms crossed.

He’s got a fucking knife!

Still unsure, Lisa takes out her cell phone. But before dialing, she looks out the peephole for herself. She turns back to Wendell, puts her phone away.

There’s nobody there.

That’s enough for Wendell who takes matters into his own hands and stalks out of the house with his gun to confront the man in the hat… only to find his petrified neighbour staring down the barrel of the pistol.

When the Police arrive, matters take a turn for the worse and we are presented with an ending that is both a tragic twist and yet somehow inevitable.
Great Again, is certainly of the now, touching on racism, fake news, Black Lives Matter and the Jussie Smollett case. It weaves its themes expertly and deftly giving you reason to pause, think and consider. Something you’ll find yourself doing repeatedly in the days after you’ve read it.

The characters are well drawn, their world compelling and their dialogue authentic. This fantastic script deserves to be filmed.

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Great Again

After falsely reporting a hate crime, Wendell believes he's being followed and harassed by a mysterious man. But will anybody believe him this time?

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