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Heiress - But To What Throne?

Who really holds the reins as secret agendas and misgivings over
control of the family trust weave a web of deceit?

Families are tricky at the best of times, but throw a fortune into the mix and the fireworks can be quite impressive.

Melissa is a young lady who dons herself in the traditional attire and luxuries that are expected in her position as an heiress. As she steps out of her limo and enters an office building she is taken by an assistant, Joan, to meet her uncle and controller of the family fortune, Thomas. The mood is initially tense upon Melissa’s arrival before uncle Thomas, but then tensions increase as what seemed initially to be a regular shakedown of the family’s fortune takes a different turn.

Joan hands the "WELLINGTON GLOBAL QUARTERLY REPORT" to Melissa as she settles into a chair across from Thomas.

Melissa fans open the report. Joan lingers over her shoulder. Melissa shoots her a suspicious eye.

And you're here, why?

Joan has been extremely helpful these past months.

They hang on her every expression and body movement.

You'll be happy to know the company experienced a four percent increase this quarter.

Last quarter it was over seven.

Thomas perks up with her recollection.

Page twenty-three... manufacturing was slow during the post-holiday.

Melissa closes the report. Chooses her words...

I think it's time I take a more active role in the company.

Thomas remains even. Joan is taken by her words.

As the power play between Thomas and Melissa is played out in the open and clear for everyone to see, in the background rests Joan, who also appears to be keeping a keen interest in the family affairs and what money could be going where.

Against the backdrop of the boardroom setting, the piece builds to a crescendo of conflict and back stabbing within the group, and keeps the reader on their toes until we finally arrive and double crosses of those involved are revealed.

With undertones of the family dramas and conflict that has made Succession so successful, Heiress is a great little short that studies the weighting of family and fortune, when set against human greed.

If you’re a film maker who is looking for a dramatic short full of conflict and twists, then this could well be the one for you.

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Who really holds the reins as secret agendas and misgivings over control of the family trust weave a web of deceit.

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