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Home Again

Humanity returns to Earth after a nuclear holocaust. 
One father and daughter are tasked with collecting samples as part of an expeditionary force,
but the father has another plan in mind.

A thousand years from now, the Earth has healed from Mankind’s warring ideologies, and Humans have returned to literally test the waters.

Writer Andrew Louis Marnik ponders the question of what that experience would be like for those who have spent their entire lives within the confines of an interplanetary spaceship, with only metal walls, unnatural light and the darkness of space to comfort them.

Captain Durward Myers and his inquisitive ten-year-old daughter Ducky arrive in planetary orbit above Earth on the Ark spaceship.  As one two-person team of a larger expeditionary force, Myers and Ducky are tasked with shuttling down to the planet, obtaining soil, water, and vegetation samples, and assessing the condition of the beleaguered world.  They touch-down in the grasslands of the great plains and Ducky steps onto real grass for the first time in her life.

It tickles.

Over by the shuttle, Myers lifts his head, can’t see Ducky in the tall grass.

What’s that?

Ducky turns onto her stomach crawls to an opening in the tall grass.

The grass. I said it tickles.

Like how I used to tickle you?

As they continue their continental, sample-collecting trek, they arrive at a breathtaking mountain waterfall.  It is here, amidst the backdrop of the billowing mist and roaring waters that their true mission is revealed.  Not only are they collecting things to take back to the Ark, but they have come to leave something even more precious behind…

Home Again” is a heart-warming exploration into the human soul, and even when we have selfishly destroyed all the things that were once so dear to us, so necessary to our existence, humanity has a way of rediscovering that spark and once again making Earth our final destination.  With a limited cast, outdoor locations and moderate CGI, this story will renew your faith in what we can achieve in this pandemic world.

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Home Again

Humanity returns to Earth after a nuclear holocaust. One father and daughter are tasked with collecting samples as part of an expeditionary force, but the father has another plan in mind.

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