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Honey - Will it End Sweet?

When her plan to win the affections of her crush go awry,
a lovelorn teen finds an unexpected upside to her failure.

When not immersing herself in Riverdale fan fiction, slightly awkward 17-year-old Honey spends her time dreaming of would-be beau Eric, the fresh-faced boy next-door.

Tired of watching from afar, Honey concocts a plan involving a disguise and some minor dognapping of Eric’s pet pooch, Pepsi.  To the lovesick Honey, it’s the perfect strategy: return ‘found’ Pepsi, thus winning Eric’s heart and a date to the Snowflake Soiree.

Honey pulls some clothes out of her wardrobe. A scarf, a big jacket...

No you don’t owe me anything.
Just happy to help.

She slips on a huge pair of sun glasses.

No. Nobody’s asked me to the winter formal yet.

She wraps the scarf around her head, totally incognito. She gives herself a cheeky grin. Whatever plan she’s executing is foolproof to her in this moment.

Really? You wanna go with me?
I guess it’s a date.

True to form, the slightly awkward Honey’s plan goes slightly awry and she’s left humiliated in front of Eric.  With her dreams of the Snowflake Soiree in tatters, Honey slinks home, where no amount of trash TV and comfort food can chase away the blues.

But the teenage mind is a maze of contradiction; and these two teens are about to learn they’ve more in common than sets them apart.

…And that sometimes, the worst plan is better than no plan at all.

Rhys Hicks’ Honey delivers an offbeat comic tale of teen anxiety and those first awkward steps on the road to love.  With a cast of three (plus minor small dog) and a simple suburban setting and interiors, Honey is well suited to filmmakers woking with a micro-budget.  A fun short script with snappy dialogue and a heartfelt message at its core.

The Script


An awkward teen's plan to win the affection of her crush attracts his attention for all the wrong reasons.

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Rhys Hicks is an Australian filmmaker and recent graduate of a Bachelor of Film Production. His strengths lie in writing,  cinematography, art direction, editing and motion graphics.

Rhys began writing and performing standup comedy at a young age and gradually his work evolved into writing comedic material for short films, feature films and teleplays. From there Rhys moved into producing his own content and fell in love with the craft of and many aspects of filmmaking.

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