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How the Other Half Live

Javier is struggling to make ends meet and find a job.
Green with envy, he watches rich people, and those better off than him enter the train.
He becomes fascinated with one gentleman in a tuxedo. The need to know what this man is doing and his jealously drive Javier to follow the man off the train, just to see how the other half live.

The grass is always greener on the other side.  Most of us know this oft-used cliché, but few of us get to experience what it truly means… in real life.

Writer Michael Kitlas takes us on a journey across that fence, or in this case, rail tracks, to discover exactly what those who appear to be more fortunate are using or doing to fertilize their grass into a better life.

In this slow burn thriller, our hero, Javier Santiago, ponders his fate as his own garden of life seems to be crumbling around him.  On his subway ride home to one of the more depressed neighborhoods of New York, his resentment and frustration with a lack of job prospects, bills to pay, and an optimistic girlfriend who “believe in him”, propels him to follow one tuxedo-clad, out-of-place, man as he exits the final stop of the train.

Carrying a backpack, he trails him to Flatbush Avenue where he watches the designer- dressed dude walk inside a rather run-down and ordinary house.  Curious as to why “this guy” would live here, Javier sneaks up along the side of the house and peers inside the large window.  What he sees next sends a shock of fear down his spine.  The Tuxedo Man calmly raises a pistol and shoots a tied-up man and woman at their breakfast table.  The Tuxedo man then makes a call and leaves.

Fearing for his life, Javier flees.  Early the next morning, still digesting what he witnessed, he enters a diner adjacent to an NYPD station and takes a seat in a booth.  Suddenly, the Tuxedo Man (Bernard), now wearing a sharp blue suit, walks into the diner and joins him.

Bernard places Javier's backpack down on the floor between them.  Panic washes over Javier.

Hey Javy, how's it going? Did ya have a good night?
Sleep great next to your girlfriend?
Kiss your daughter before you came to a diner directly
across from a police station?

Silence.  Bernard takes another sip of coffee.

I think you need to stop for a moment.
Just stop and smell the coffee.
I want to make sure you really evaluate what went on.
What you saw, or uhh… or what you didn’t see.

Javier's hands tremble as he tries to wrap both around his own mug.

I just... man, I saw the tuxedo an-an-and I, like...
man I got jealous. I was just wondering where this dude could go
and why can't I be him?

What happens next is a twist you never see coming.

“How the Other Half Live” is a shocking thriller that resonates with echoes of some of our current headlines of the day.  Is the grass greener on the other side?  Can someone else’s life give us what we THINK we want?  In the last moments of this story, Javier Santiago gets that very chance to find out.  All I can say is that IT IS GREENER for Javier in a thousand ways. With a small cast, 3-4 locations, and an intriguing plot that will surprise you at the very end, this story will make you think twice before jumping that fence to the other side of life.



The Script

How The Other Half Live

What happens when a man, down on his luck, takes "people watching" on the train a little too far?

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A sales trainer once told me, "A man only gets to use an exclamation point once in his life."

I used to write merely as an outlet. After taking classes with Gotham Writer's Workshop, and with Jacob Krueger at his studio, I fell in love with the craft.

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How The Other Half Live:

-Los Angeles Film Awards Winner: Best Thriller Screenplay.

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