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Isolation Vacation

 Isolation Vacation 
At the risk of revealing lies he’s harbored throughout the pandemic; an old man opens up to his granddaughter, who is his only hope of reclaiming a lost love affair after a life lived through grudges. 

Anyone ever hold a grudge? How much time we got? Hang on, it’s gonna get bumpy… 

Writer Andrew Abdou’s short, Isolation Vacation (an excerpt from his full-length, Cairene Dream) introduces us to a charming and loving Greek family. Set in Astoria Queens, our life-long smoker 80-year-old Dimitris video-chats with preteen granddaughter Zina and her parents to keep in touch while COVID lingers on. 

Opa! A big social event is fast approaching: relative Maria and Niko’s wedding. 

One hitch; Dimitri’s January ’21 vaccination card has a conspicuous blank spot. Hunkered down in his phyllo-walled apartment stocked with moussaka, loukoumades and reruns of Kojak on VHS, Dimitri is happily reluctant to not get the jab. 

You see, Dimitri’s grudges keep him safe, “like an amulet”, he says. Dimitri’s even given his tchotchkes-grudges names, much like Dr. Doolittle’s pets as he dusts them off… 

After experiencing so much loss during the pandemic, Dimitri turned further inward, even after restrictions relaxed. This senior figures; why bother? Life’s simply safer, alone. Why risk getting attached if a person might die or… not love you back? 


Okay Dimitri, we get it. 

Wait, what’s that ...way over there … I spy … a Trojan horse in your grudge cabinet. 

Armed with baklava, precocious Zina visits Dimitri’s apartment, and gets papou to fess up… there’s only two people he never held a grudge against: his late wife and Zina. 

But when Zina discovers Dimitri’s “Vasilis notebook” and starts reading, she uncovers a life-long mystery between the lines. 

Zina asks her grandfather, “Who’s Helena?” Grandpa seizes the notebook away. But Zina’s read enough. She proclaims, “You really loved her.” Based on Dimitri’s reaction, the girl knows she’s got that clue right. 

As Dimitri threatens Zina with her very own shelf in the Hellenic curio of hate, Zina secrets the notebook out for more “research.” 

Who loves ya, baby? Repeats of Kojak with papou sure paid off for this middle-schooler! 

The next day, an excited Zina returns to grandpa’s apartment insisting he attend the wedding as Helena will be there, due to a pastry-mix-up. With Greek goddess wisdom, she encourages her octogenarian grandfather to rewrite the story once and for all. 

You see, Zina’s genuinely inspired to act beyond the good deed: she wants her grandfather to be happy; there’s no quid pro quo here. Zina doesn’t come back and ask to be willed Kojak original paraphernalia of high value. 

Down the road, when she’s truly grown up, has lived through joy, grief, loss, and love; not for days but for years; because of her unselfish giving she will receive in some way, unexpectedly…and she’ll accept, without forgetting. 

Will Dimitri get the jab to attend the wedding? What will happen with Helena and Vasilis? Will pride prevent his happily ever after? Or will Dimitri, remain a coward till his 90th, forever dreaming someday things will get better? 

Filled with delightful dialogue, Abdou’s Isolation Vacation is a delicious slice of life. 

Read and discover if Dimitri recognizes his someday has in fact arrived… 

“I was born with a romantic nature, and I’ll carry it to my grave.” 
- Aristotelis ‘Telly’ Savalas 

The Script

Isolation Vacation

At the risk of revealing lies he’s harbored throughout the pandemic, an old man opens up to his granddaughter, who is his only hope of reclaiming a lost love after a life lived through grudges.

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