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Lost and Found

Lost and Found
A reward awaits a homeless woman who does what she must to feed her daughter.

Life isn’t like the movies: as much as we might want it to be. It’s not happy people breaking into song. Or dancing snowmen in the latest Disney flick. Or even good guys winning the day against Transformers from Outer Space.

No, real life can be far more dismal. People get hurt, and often die. Some live long lives, but do bad things. And other people do whatever they must to just get by… especially when the ones they love are on the line.

And sometimes it’s good when films remind us what it’s really like. Because in the real world, things can get very bad. As it is with Lost and Found, a short script written by Debra Johnson Garcia.

And it doesn’t get much grittier than this. The script opens up in a filthy alley. Homeless mother Terry roots in a dumpster for tossed out items she can use. Her daughter Amy (6) waits for her in a discarded refrigerator box. It’s where they sleep. Not much. But at least it’s clean.

Problem is, it’s also empty. And Amy hasn’t eaten all day. Terry bargains with the local hotdog vendor, Jose. He gives her leftover food. And she returns with… favors. It’s a dismal existence, with no way out. But Terry does the best she can; and comforts Amy with tales of what will someday be. Pancakes for breakfast. Cupcakes for lunch. And Candy for dinner – everyday!

It’s a beautiful dream. But life isn’t like the movies. People don’t always live happily ever after. But Terry will do everything she can. Because her daughter’s future is on the line.

Dark, gritty and brutal, Lost and Found isn’t a script for Pollyana types. But it’s just the ticket for dramatic directors interested in adult material. With a touch of silver lining*…

The Script

Lost and Found

A homeless woman trades sex for food to feed her six-year-old daughter.

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