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Madame Lucinda

Madam Lucinda
A young man visits a psychic seeking knowledge about life.
But are there hunchbacks, dungeons, transgenderism and werewolves in his future?
And is that a bad – or a real good thing?

Ah, Fortune Tellers, Psychics and Tarot Card Readers – the bane of the honest service world. Or Saints in glittery costumes – depending on which supernatural side of the fence you’re on. Either way, we’ve all seen them at fairs, boardwalks, pulp magazines – and even your neighborhood strip mall (if you live in a fun place, that is.) And no matter the particular spiel, each psychic bellows a similar claim:

They can see into your misty future. Want to know if you’ll land that perfect job? Meet your true love? Win the lottery? Then just hand over that cash, and they’ll explain…

In the clever short Madam Lucinda, our story revolves around young Tommy (20s). Entering a psychic’s “boudoir”, Tom sits down with Madam Lucinda to listen to what she has to say. Make no mistake – you’ll want to know Lucinda’s visions, as well. Quickly, Tommy realizes the truth. Madam L is colorful. Witty. Sarcastic, even. Babbling about outlandish tales. But is that due to the spirits talking through her? Or a release of psychic built-up crap?

Soon you will go to grocery store. There you will… purchase milk!

I don’t drink milk.

Confused, she studies his palm.

No, not milk! You will purchase… various groceries!

You think you know where this story will end? Well, you’re NOT psychic –  don’t even try!

But we firmly predict you’ll laughing out loud. So peer into the crystal ball laptop you bought at Best Buy – and make sure to read this goofy gem, and peer into the (amusing) spirit world!

The Script

Madam Lucinda

A man visits a psychic seeking knowledge about his love life and his favorite fishing hole. But it's Madam Lucinda's first customer, and things don't go quite as planned.

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