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Make You Believe - and you will!

Make You Believe
A loud-mouthed professional skeptic is shaken after a psychic channels his late grandmother…

Good ol’ grandma’s advice rarely disappoints. Which isn’t at all surprising. Hard won wisdom from decades of life is what helps many a wise nana predict what’s best for her grandchildren - in sensible, logical ways.

But heeding your nana isn’t always logical – especially after she’s passed on. Would a skeptic listen then?  Elvira Drake’s “Make You Believe” asks that very question, and tells the eerie tale.

As the script opens, Damien Caine – psychic debunker – guest stars on George Hope’s Late Night TV show; head to head with nationally acclaimed psychic Gladys.  Needless to say, their chemistry isn’t good.

The debate gets ever more heated as time goes on:

So, Gladys, how certain are you of the other side?
That you're actually in communication with spirits?

Oh, one hundred percent! No question.

(chuckles nastily)
Aaaand that's the problem!

How do you mean?

One hundred percent, no question?!
She's telling us she doesn't question anything! She's absolutely certain.
People like her are incredibly fraudulent and the people who believe her are gullible.

Gladys shakes her head and tries not to look too bothered.

I'm sure, as a world-famous psychic medium, you've heard this argument before.

Many, many times. All these skeptics are like broken records. Very unoriginal. Never anything new to --

(getting worked up)
We have to keep repeating ourselves because you people never give us a satisfying response.

I could capture a genie in a mason jar and it wouldn't be enough for you.
Skeptics are merely debunkers. It's like a cult.

Well, genies aren't real, so...

(to Damien)
I think what she's saying is, no matter what evidence she presents to you,
you'll refuse to seriously consider it.

Let’s face it: in certain ways, Gladys is – shall we say – “dead on”?  Damien’s unlikely to consider new conclusions. But when Gladys channels his dear beloved – and departed – grandmother… will this hardened debunker see the light?

Perhaps (in a twisted way.)  We’d never want to ruin the surprise – so read the rest yourself and find out!

A stand-out satire short, "Make You Believe" gives readers and audiences a glimpse of both sides of the afterlife coin - concluding with a dark comedic turn that's sure to make believers out of us all!



The Script

Make You Believe

A loud-mouthed professional skeptic is shaken after a psychic channels his late grandmother who gives him a warning, which he doesn't heed, much to his detriment.

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