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Maybe Not Mars - some vacations aren't what they're cracked up to be

An astronaut on Mars searches for the cure for a new kind of boredom.

Space travel to Mars, a dream held by Elon Musk, Brian Blessed, and Richard Branson amongst others, is brought to life in this hilarious short from Brandon Stephens.

Whilst the red planet used to hold visions of small green men and earth like promises, our protagonist, Jimmy, has landed and struggles with the reality this god forsaken dust bowl presents. Having had his research equipment burned in the atmosphere on entry, his one remaining purpose is to survive...the boredom.

Armed with a variety of tools to keep himself entertained (a kite shaped like a shark and a jazz mag amongst others), Jimmy fights the tedium of being the only human form on the face of this planet. What he lacks in human company, however, is not lacking from the world of robotics.

Every castaway needs his Wilson and Jimmy has his in the form of a flying Mars rover. Whilst Tom Hanks was kept sane by his volleyball friend, it’s hard to tell if Jimmy’s rover is keeping him sane or sending on a one way ticket to the mental institute, but a definite relationship between man and machine is expertly crafted on the page by the author.

Jimmy is running...from a KITE. The hand in the air holds the string. As he runs, a shark shaped kite flies in the air behind him. He kicks up dust, moving swiftly.

Well, of course, Jimmy trips. BAM, he slaps the dirt. His head rests on the red dirt. His face sweats beneath his clear face mask. His eyes stare forward.

I know what you're thinking.
Yes, that is a kite.
Yes, I'm on Mars.

Jimmy heaves himself up slightly, dirt covers him. Defeated, the shark kite wavers to the ground in front of him, pathetic. He sits up.

It's conditions such as these –
monotony, idleness, tedium,
sensory deprivation, loneliness.
That is what the NASA psychologists said.
THAT was their concern. I call it boredom.

Did you catch that?

He looks over at a MARS FLYING ROVER. This simple little hovering drone beast with it's stupid little camera head just stares at him.

Showing boredom on a page always runs the risk of being boring itself, but Maybe Not Mars is an effortless read that always entertains. With the maddening isolation of Castaway, the setting of The Martian and the comedic tones of an Apatow classic, this script will guarantee laughs that cut through the monotony of our red soiled sister planet.

Whether you are a sci-fi fanatic, comedy seeker or just want to find a good short screenplay to keep yourself entertained, Maybe Not Mars won’t let you down. Brandon’s writing style coupled with his exceptionally well crafted visuals make for a must read for any producer or director who is looking for their next short to work on.

The Script

Maybe Not Mars

An astronaut on Mars searches for the cure for a new kind of boredom.

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