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New Age Enema - What You Put Into a Script Counts!!

New Age Enema
A jealous friend gets her wish.

With a title that grabs attention, and a page count that hides a surprisingly deep theme, author J. Phillip Wilkins has created a great short screenplay in New Age Enema that’s sure to grab fans. Giggles, too.

Struggling actresses Stella and Josie stand at the entrance of a San Francisco cable car, discussing the latter’s recent success in acquiring a role in a high profile film. As the cable car drives onwards, tension rises between the two.

Stella finds her friend’s sudden success suspicious. Upon hearing some of Josie's questionable past film roles, most readers will too. As Josie defends her acting record, Stella spots her friend's possible source of good luck dangling around her neck.

You’ve never even had a callback.
You suck at acting.

First of all, you’re a dumb whore for saying that,
and secondly, I am not bad at acting.

I’ve seen “Terror Vixens In Heat”.

They didn’t give me time to create a backstory.

Did you have the same problem
on the set of “Mega Snatch”?

Fuck you.

The cable car hits a bump. Josie takes her hand away from her chest to grab a strap to steady herself. Stella notices a beautiful, new-age crystal pendant hanging from a delicate silver chain around Josie’s neck. She reaches for it.

Let me see your crystal.

Josie jerks away. Stepping back, her heel hangs off the edge of the exit steps.  Almost instantly, the situation escalates – with Josie hanging from the edge of the moving cable car, off balance - albeit within reach of her BFF.

What ultimately will Stella value more? Josie – or a mysterious crystal that could “maybe” grant her celebrity status and riches? Download New Age Enema to find out.

Size is rarely important, and not all short screenplays need a large page count to be a success. With its witty tone and a style of writing easy on the eye, Wilkins gives us a spiffy two page comedy/fantasy that explores a universal theme: friendship fractured by jealousy.

If you’re a producer with an eye for comedy in bite sized chunks, New Age Enema is a fast and fulfilling read!


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