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Playoff Tickets - Some Things Aren't A Game....

Playoff Tickets
Two friends late for a playoff game hit a stray.
What happens next brings a whole new meaning to the phrase “Dog Day Afternoon”.

BFF Mike and Chris are lucky guys, so it seems. Today, they’ve hit the jackpot: playoff tickets to the Big Game. All they need do is hop in the car, and speed across town to waiting seats.

As Chris Hick’s Playoff Tickets opens, traffic’s already jumped in the way.  Despite being designated driver, Chris fidgets with his phone – intent on finding a faster route.

But cell phones and cars should never mix. The inevitable occurs: THUMP. And YELP.

A glance in the rear view mirror quickly identifies the source. Chris has run over a poor (and now quite dead) dog. Believe it or not, that’s where the fun begins.

Not due to the dog – of course - but the chaos that ensues.  What to do for the poor little fella? In a panic, Mike and Chris brainstorm. Dark humor quickly runs amok:

We could leave a note.

Leave a note?



Leave a note, on a dead dog in the middle of the street?

Do you have a better idea?

Several ideas fail to pass inspection, car or not. But inspiration finally hits:
Sling the dead dog into oncoming traffic, and blame its fate on someone else.

Okay, I'll pick it up and hide behind the bush here.
When the next car comes, I'll throw it in front of them as they drive by.
They'll think they hit it and will have to tell the owners.

This is awful.

Please rise for our national anthem!

Alright! Alright! Let's do this.

What happens next? Don’t ask.  Best to find that out for yourself: along with lots of taboo, funny stuff.
Make no mistake: dark humor inherently feeds off painful topics. But the best of such genres cut both ways. 

Playoff Ticket’s twisted tale forces readers (and audiences) to think on a moral level while simultaneously stifling a laugh. If something this horrible happened to you, what path would you take?

So crack open Playoff Tickets and Pandora’s Box. If you’re looking for a funny, thought provoking and budget friendly short – this could be your season pass to a home run!!


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