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Relive - Life Takes Interesting Turns..

While rushing to the hospital, Ben and his pregnant wife, Anna, accidentally injure a mysterious woman with their car. When they try to help her, the night takes a very bizarre turn for the worst.

“Be careful who you help…”

We’ve all been there – whether in a rush or running late for an appointment, we’ve all, at some point, exceeded the speed limit to get somewhere quicker. But there are consequences to driving too fast sometimes: speeding tickets, traffic violations, minor fender-benders… and sometimes, much, much worse.

Driving past the speed limit is rarely warranted but, for Ben and Anna, it’s necessary, in Luke Anthony Walker’s twisty mind-bender, Relive.

We’re taken to a dark, desolate road in the middle of the night as Ben drives his very pregnant wife, Anna, to the hospital. With time of the essence and no other cars in sight, Ben keeps the pedal to the metal as they get closer to their destination.

Playing soothing classical music to calm Anna’s nerves, they’re not too far now. But that’s when the proverbial poop hits the fan…

A WOMAN caked in mud, with long, sodden hair covering her face and wearing nothing but a dressing gown, suddenly appears in the middle of the road with her hand held out, gesturing for the car to stop.

Ben slams on the brakes, jolting the couple forward. The car comes to a screeching halt, but still hits the woman, knocking her to the ground and out of sight.

Who is this woman? And what was she doing in the middle of the road… in the middle of the night… in the middle of nowhere?

Ben isn’t sure what to do – Call the cops? Wait for help? But, with his wife’s contractions getting stronger and more painful, Ben doesn’t have much time to act. So, he does what any good person would do – he helps the injured woman.

Already in a hurry to the hospital anyway, Ben loads the mysterious, unconscious stranger into their car – two birds, one stone, right?

But, as if having a baby wasn’t nerve-racking enough, they now face some pretty grim circumstances, unsure if the injured woman is even alive. Already at wits end, things seem like they couldn’t get any worse…

But they do.

Ben attempts to comfort Anna, his attention switching between her and the road ahead.

Unseen by them both, the woman sits up straight, her long hair dangling across her face.

She raises her hand and points toward the road ahead.



A stag suddenly appears in the middle of the road, caught in the headlights.

The vehicle swerves to avoid it.


The car careens off the road and crashes straight into a tree at the bottom of a ditch.

And this is when things start to get really bizarre.

I won’t spoil the ending for you, but I will say that the way Luke’s story unravels is one hell a trip. It draws comparisons to films such as the criminally underrated Mexican film, “The Incident”, and the also very-underrated cruise-ship horror flick, “Triangle”.

Relive is a creative, mind-bending read that would be a terrific notch on any filmmaker’s belt. And it would be one hell of a ride (pun intended) for its viewing audience.

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While rushing to the hospital, Ben and his pregnant wife, Anna, accidentally injure a mysterious woman with their car. When they try to help her, the night takes a very bizarre turn for the worst.

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